Useful Links

Here are some useful links if you want to discover more about atheism and the pursuit for truth and reason above superstition and the fallacy of religion.

The Thinking Atheist –  An amazing podcast that you can download via itunes.  He is such a fantastic speaker and advocate of atheism.  I discovered The Thinking Atheist in November 2010 and have listened to every single podcast ever since.  While you are there go to the “Refuting the Bible” page (, smart and informative.  Oh and stop by The Thinking Atheist forum to meet the wonderful community there, both atheists and theists welcome.

The Atheist Experience –  The premier atheist driven tv/internet show around.  Based in America do not let that put you off.  They have an immense drive to promote reason, science and just plain common sense against religion.  Their answers to viewers questions are very technical, but certainly from each and every show you WILL learn something from them, GUARANTEED!

Richard Dawkins –  Author of the critically acclaimed “The God Delusion” and the most recent “The Magic of Reality.”  Richard Dawkins is no-nonsense in his path towards reason and science.  One of the “Four Horsemen” his arguments and explanations towards not believing in religion are compelling and undeniably portrays logic.

Sam Harris – Author of “The Moral Landscape” I have just recently discovered Sam Harris.  Once I have read The Moral Landscape I will obviously let you know my opinion then!

If you know any other links that should be on here then drop me a line on the British Female Atheist Facebook page and I will put it on this page.  Sharing knowledge is more valuable than gold.


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