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Achieved My Very Own Hitchslap (diluted version) – Victory is Mine!

This afternoon I had a really interesting conversation with my partner….he believes in Christianity and god.  Picture the setting, we are chilling on our settee, both of our armchairs at either side are raised so we are slobbing out good and proper.  I am looking at the Ciate Caviar Nail Sets deciding whether or not I should buy one and he is watching “The Real Housewives of Orange County!”  I SHIT YOU NOT!!!!

Anyways, one of the wives on the show (do not know her name and do not care to) claims she is religious.  The bible is the guidebook for all to live by and that her marriage is based on the notion that the husband makes the decisions on their lives.  He even makes the decisions on what she wears on a daily basis.  Firstly, that makes me cringe.  I wear what I want when I want.  I have my own style of fashion that I follow and my partner would not dare tell me to wear something else simply because he did not want me going out wearing a particular dress or something.  He has that healthy respect for me and I reciprocate back.

Secondly – and on to my main point of this blog – he turned round to me and said that this housewife has very traditional values that she lives by based on her religion.  But he then was perplexed by her because he said that in spite of all this traditionalism, the low cut tops and the mini dresses she wears is in contradiction to her “traditional religious values.”

I told him that religious people are essentially contradictory in nature.  The bible is full of rules that contradict each other.  If you are going to follow a religion based on a contradictory book, then the product of that religion – its followers – will be contradictory as well.

I gave him the good old example of the book of Leviticus in the Old Testament.  (And yes, when I mentioned the book of Leviticus, he asked me what book that was!)  More proof that we atheists know more about their bible than the followers themselves!  On a side note – that notion scares me where followers of this religion blindly obey and submit to this god’s will, yet they do not have sufficient information or knowledge about the book that their religion is based on in the first place.  Tell me, how is that rational!?

Anyways, moving on from that mini rant, I told Richard about the verse in Leviticus where it bans the consumption of shellfish.  Leviticus 11:10 states: “But whatever is in the seas and in the rivers that does not have fins and scales among all the teeming life of the water, and among all the living creatures that are in the water, they are detestable things to you.”

From this I told him that christians are contradictory with how they choose to live their life which at times can be in spite of their beloved bible.  These housewives lead opulent lives and have an opulent diet to match.  One item of which they love to consume is lobster – a food that evokes a style of class and upper living in the first place.

He agreed with me and said that Christians pick and choose what they want to abide by from the bible.  I then told him that the bible is contradictory in nature, what it will say in one book, it would then say the opposite in another book.  For example, in Leviticus 20:13 it states amongst other notions that gay men should be put to death.  Yet in the 10 commandments it states that we should not kill and Jesus’ “Golden Rule” from the New Testament states to love one another as you would want to be given love from others.

How can these examples reconcile with what is said in Leviticus?  They cannot.  It is a contradiction.  When christians are presented with such contradictions, they then attempt the impossible by squaring off the circle.  From what I told him I then finished off with my conclusion that because the bible is contradictory and in his own words due to its followers “picking and choosing from the bible” what they want to follow as they see fit – this means that followers of Christianity are contradictory by their very nature.

My partner then started to stutter, mumbled something that I could not recognise and then carried on watching the “christian hypocrite” on tv.

I would like to announce right here, I have succeeded for the first time in my life my very own version of a “Hitchslap.”  Now what I said to my partner and how I worded it would not have been as eloquently put or as intelligently insightful compared to the great man himself, but it was a diluted Hitchslap none the less.

In the comments section below, it would be awesome to read some of your own examples of your Hitchslaps.  I do not doubt that your examples will be better than my own.  So do not be shy, what is your most recent Hitchslap?  Or better yet, what is the best Hitchslap you have dished out to an unsuspecting or deserved religious follower?

***By the way, I am not going to buy the Ciate Caviar Nail Polish sets – instead I have found a really good present for my partner to buy for me next month for Valentines Day!***


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De Converted: A Journey From Religion to Reason By Seth Andrews

I have finally received my book today, De Converted: A Journey from Religion to Reason by Seth Andrews aka The Thinking Atheist.  I ordered this in December a little before Christmas and I am so happy it has arrived and you can start getting really jealous in a minute because I was lucky enough to get it signed with a personalised note from the man himself!!!

I will include pictures at the end of this blog entry but I wanted to do a first review on the book as is.  At the moment it is available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle and audiobook format.  I will add the links below.  I originally ordered the book from The Thinking Atheist website.  It is very easy to order from this website (even for international orders such as ones I place myself).

I was impressed with the envelope packaging.  With air mail sometimes the item inside can get damaged but the envelope had a lot of cushion inside protecting the book.  The book itself feels really nice and looks very professional.  I love the design of the front cover with The Thinking Atheist logo prominently displayed.  On the back with the obligatory blurb that outlines what the book is about, it is short and to the point.  To the side of the blurb is a picture of Seth Andrews.

On a side note, for ages I always wondered what Seth looked like before he came out from behind the wall of internet radio for us all to see him.  I laugh at what I thought now but I thought he always looked like a guy with long brown hippy like hair, glasses, tall and lanky!  Kind of hippy circa 1960 kind of dude!  (My mind is in a world of its own!)

So this book is essentially one man’s journey from believer to unbeliever.  My only concern is that it is one guy’s story in 183 pages, is that enough?  I do hope so and all the reviews that I have read so far suggest that this is a cracking read so I better get on with it!

Amazon Atheist Book Chart as of Friday 11th January 2013 - absolutely awesome.....could we get it to number one though?

Amazon Atheist Book Chart as of Friday 11th January 2013 – absolutely awesome…..could we get it to number one though?

Links where you can buy different formats of the book from:

Audiobook Version

Kindle Version

Paperback Version

The Thinking Atheist

Pictures below of the book I received this evening 😀

De Converted: A Journey from Religion to Reason by Seth Andrews SIGNED with personalised message - I am so lucky :-)

De Converted: A Journey from Religion to Reason by Seth Andrews SIGNED with personalised message – I am so lucky 🙂

Debut book from the creator of The Thinking Atheist community and podcast.

Debut book from the creator of The Thinking Atheist community and podcast.


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“Militant Secularisation” Lady Warsi

Whilst in hospital I always have my laptop with me.  Firstly it allows me to somehow still be connected to the “outside world,” secondly it keeps me away from boredom watching dvds or listening to music and thirdly, I do not have to spend £10 per day potentially for the tv next to my bed.  Instead I can just watch internet tv.  Notably, the bbc channels online.  So whilst watching bbc news I heard about this Lady Warsi speaking in front of an audience at the Vatican, so I obviously needed to search the internet for more information about this.  And the result:

Her whole argument is that religion needs to be central to society and more important central in politics with the way Parliament and the Councils are run.

Religion is already central in society, its dividing us and causing us wars and conflict as we speak.  If British politics were to allow religion to take a central role in their jobs, then this will further fan the flames of religious conflict.  And make no mistake about it, when it comes down to it, religion causes conflict, it does not bring people together.

Let me explain this further, for example when religions fundraise, they do it in such a way that they purposefully exclude those that should not be recipients of their charity simply because of their different religious beliefs.  My school, St Josephs Catholic College, it would not allow us to fundraise for Cancer Research UK because it did not follow strict Catholic guidelines in its research!

As I travel about I find Muslim based charity shops with advertisements asking their community to raise money to help their own Muslim brothers or sisters.

Now do not misunderstand me, charity is right, it should be done.  But religion will only raise money for charity for “their own.”  They will not integrate with other religions to help each other.  They exclude all but their own to help.  It is “religious charity” but with strings attached.  WOW, what a show of love for another human being in need!

Religion is already participating in “militant secularisation” with each other!  Now we all know that politics is in its very nature divided, we add religion to the mix and it will be a tangled mess of epic proportions!  Religion in other words will muddy the waters.  It has no business in politics because it cannot do anything to improve it or bring anything useful to the table.  It will act to polarise opinions.

And I for one do not want religion to be involved in politics when it is based on superstition and a god that they cannot prove exists.  They base their evidence on feelings or faith.  Politics is based on evidence and reasoned arguments to make society a better place to live in.  Religion on the other hand does not make the world a good place to live in.  Where politics tries to bring society together creating laws and public services EVERYONE can use no matter what creed or religion, religion will cherry pick who will receive their charity!  We do not need politics to be such cherry pickers either.

This is what Lady Warsi is ultimately advocating though.  She believes that because England and Europe is founded on the christian religion, that this should be at the forefront of society and in the middle of the nature of politics.  That the christian religion has the right to be in the centre of politics and society.  This divine power that the christian religion claims to have and to be the source of thus dictates that they should have a part to control politics and thus society as a whole.

I will wipe her statement and arguments clean with one simple question, why can’t judaism be in the centre of politics and society?  By only allowing christianity to have control within the sphere of politics, you are yourself participating in your so called “militant secularisation” yourself by excluding other religions!  According to the bible, christianity came from judaism.  So actually it was judaism that was the foundational religion of Europe and England because without judaism, christianity would not have existed!

Furthermore, which branch of Christianity should take such a place in the centre of politics and society, should it be the catholics, protestants, church of england etc?  Lady Warsi has taken such a basic stance on something so complex, by all such appearances how naive!

But how does the Vatican obviously respond to this blatant pandering to their religious desires of dominance and power of politics and society?  Its not really much of a surprise to be honest………below, is a link to the article called “Vatican welcomes Lady Warsi’s comments on ‘intolerant secularisation.'”


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A Note About Jessica Ahlquist

I received a request to create a post on here dedicated to Jessica Ahlquist.  For those who do not know this courageous lass, she was the girl who took her own school to court to take down a public prayer mureal and WON!  Since then, these “loving” christians have really shown their own brand of love towards her since then.  Please see the link below for more information.

I would detail the story here but I would just be repeating the hundreds of other blogs and websites that have chronicled Jessica’s fight for freedom from religion within the parameters of the state.  What I do want to comment on though is what can we learn from her positive actions for own own lives wherever we are in the world………..

For me after reading her story, it has taught me to be more fearless with my atheism.  After reading what she had done and what she did to get the end result, compared to her, I am not as fearless.  I sit behind my laptop and I write posts on my blog.  That is a safe path in a way.  And to be honest I thought I was being fearless when I started this blog.  But, I am protected, no one is physically going to jump out of my screen and throttle my throat in disagreement.  But what do I really do within my own community or my own life with my circle of friends or family to promote common sense, science and cold hard evidence?  Very little, only if I am confronted about it would I say anything.  In reflection maybe I am just avoiding having to say anything about my atheism unless I am confronted.  Is that a good thing with me not wanting to cause conflict?  But change is only created through conflict so really in retrospect, is it a bad thing that unless I am confronted my atheism stays quiet?  Either way what am I going to do to improve myself further?

Well knowledge is power, I am certain in my atheism, that I do not doubt.  But perhaps on hindsight, my arguments are weak.  I need to read more, absorb more information so I am armed with a bazooka rather than a pistol!  I would be interested in what you guys could recommend in the comments below 🙂


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All substance but no style?

I went to the hairdressers today, they did not ruin my length and my fringe is fine, but the way they blow dried and straightened my hair, literally the way they have styled it is just all wrong.  It got me to wondering, the evidence, our reasoning and common sense is concrete against religion and superstition, but is it the way that we are communicating such evidence, reasoning and common sense in the United Kingdom letting us down?

Listening to The Atheist Experience, they usually at least once each show have a religious fundamentalist on the show, and no matter what the hosts say, the fundamentalist still holds on to their superstitious belief.  The way I see it, what the hosts say should be like a chainsaw to their religion and at least start making them questioning such beliefs.  Why is this not happening more often?  Or is it and I am just not tuned in properly?

I am jealous of the American Atheist community.  They have atheist conventions that I could only dream of attending.  What do we need to do in Britain to ensure we have a once a year at least atheist convention of our own?  There is the British Humanist Association but again, here I feel is an example of all substance but no style.  It was only by accident that I found that this association actually existed.  It is not well known when really it should do in its fight for science and reason.  What can we do in Britain to make this Association more known and more prevalent here?

Yes we have the late Hitchens, Dawkins et al but they are in the corners of society here labelled “highly intelligent and non accessible” for the everyday Briton here.  As such, the lack of an atheist voice in everyday, normal society in Britain is really frustrating to me.

How else can we effectively remove religion’s clutches from society?  Is there anything else differently we can do to make our messages and evidence more effective?


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The god-mother/god-father Conundrum

At the moment it just seems like I am having a bombardment of babies being thrown at me, just about EVERYONE is either pregnant or have just given birth!

One thing though that I am pondering is “god-fathers/god-mothers.”  Now I am not saying that one day I would definately be asked upon to be a god-mother.  I do not expect it.  But what if someone did ask me!?  Now I know I would say no, I could not be charged with the spiritual/religious upbringing of a child if somehow the parents die, I am a hard core atheist, but how do you say “no?”  How would I explain my reasons as to why I would say no without it being a throat cutting massacre!?

No I do not want to be a god-mother because I do not believe in God?  Is it that simple?  Could there be a kinder way of saying no?



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Religious Schools = Religious Jail Cells

You go to school to open your mind, to learn about the world as it is and as it was with fact, science and reason.  When you send your children to a school that is faith based, you are hijacking that child’s development and learning experience.  Everything that this child learns is learnt but with the stipulation that behind all knowledge, god is there pulling the puppet strings!  What kind of education is this when you are mixing fact with supernatural fiction?  The cold hard fact is then diluted, as the late Christopher Hitchens said, “Religion poisons everything!”

Maybe in my naivety I did not even use the common sense to think that they were in existence, but I have recently found out that they have faith based private schools!  So parents are paying ALL this money for their child to learn the diluted facts about this world.  And the most saddening thing of all, whether private or not, that these diluted facts/diluted education that they will obtain will actually serve them well in their later adult life because everyone else has had this same diluted education.  They will be going through life with god as their handicap – not seeing the world/situations for what it/they really is/are.  Is ignorance really that blissful?

I find it incredible that people are prepared to pay thousands of pounds for their child to have an education that will be tainted by the “god education” that will inevitably run alongside it in a faith based school.  It is better to have an education rather than none at all, but if you are going to invest cold hard cash in your child’s education and ultimately their future, they why handicap them with the “god education.”

When a child is in a faith based school they are never free with the education that they receive because the notion of god is always attached to this style of education.  They are never free to explore education without the notion of god being rammed down their throats.  The school gates are really jail gates, slamming shut every day once all the pupils are accounted for, they cannot escape the god education that is to come.  There is no way out.

And even after the pupils leave these faith based schools, they will never entirely be free, they will always be in some construct of a religious jail cell within their minds because of the brainwashing they have had to undergo enacted by their very own teachers.  With some of the techniques these teacher use (alongside the usual religious figures in the church) I do agree with The Thinking Atheist pondering the question – could this amount to some kind of at least “emotional” child abuse?

Well either way, we know if the next generation coming through the ranks will be free, what it will take to be free, if ever………..

And this comes to my greatest fear about all of this and atheism as a whole……….even though it is better to fight the fight and do your own part in bringing reason, science and common sense to everyone eradicating god in the process, will we ever be able to get rid of religion to the point where that is in the minority and atheism is in the majority?  Will we ever be able to tip the balance of the scales to atheism favour?  I shudder to think that the world is condemned to be in the grip of religion and its falsehoods until the end of time, that is worse than being condemned to their falsified version of hell surely!?

The Thinking Atheist –


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