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Achieved My Very Own Hitchslap (diluted version) – Victory is Mine!

This afternoon I had a really interesting conversation with my partner….he believes in Christianity and god.  Picture the setting, we are chilling on our settee, both of our armchairs at either side are raised so we are slobbing out good and proper.  I am looking at the Ciate Caviar Nail Sets deciding whether or not I should buy one and he is watching “The Real Housewives of Orange County!”  I SHIT YOU NOT!!!!

Anyways, one of the wives on the show (do not know her name and do not care to) claims she is religious.  The bible is the guidebook for all to live by and that her marriage is based on the notion that the husband makes the decisions on their lives.  He even makes the decisions on what she wears on a daily basis.  Firstly, that makes me cringe.  I wear what I want when I want.  I have my own style of fashion that I follow and my partner would not dare tell me to wear something else simply because he did not want me going out wearing a particular dress or something.  He has that healthy respect for me and I reciprocate back.

Secondly – and on to my main point of this blog – he turned round to me and said that this housewife has very traditional values that she lives by based on her religion.  But he then was perplexed by her because he said that in spite of all this traditionalism, the low cut tops and the mini dresses she wears is in contradiction to her “traditional religious values.”

I told him that religious people are essentially contradictory in nature.  The bible is full of rules that contradict each other.  If you are going to follow a religion based on a contradictory book, then the product of that religion – its followers – will be contradictory as well.

I gave him the good old example of the book of Leviticus in the Old Testament.  (And yes, when I mentioned the book of Leviticus, he asked me what book that was!)  More proof that we atheists know more about their bible than the followers themselves!  On a side note – that notion scares me where followers of this religion blindly obey and submit to this god’s will, yet they do not have sufficient information or knowledge about the book that their religion is based on in the first place.  Tell me, how is that rational!?

Anyways, moving on from that mini rant, I told Richard about the verse in Leviticus where it bans the consumption of shellfish.  Leviticus 11:10 states: “But whatever is in the seas and in the rivers that does not have fins and scales among all the teeming life of the water, and among all the living creatures that are in the water, they are detestable things to you.”

From this I told him that christians are contradictory with how they choose to live their life which at times can be in spite of their beloved bible.  These housewives lead opulent lives and have an opulent diet to match.  One item of which they love to consume is lobster – a food that evokes a style of class and upper living in the first place.

He agreed with me and said that Christians pick and choose what they want to abide by from the bible.  I then told him that the bible is contradictory in nature, what it will say in one book, it would then say the opposite in another book.  For example, in Leviticus 20:13 it states amongst other notions that gay men should be put to death.  Yet in the 10 commandments it states that we should not kill and Jesus’ “Golden Rule” from the New Testament states to love one another as you would want to be given love from others.

How can these examples reconcile with what is said in Leviticus?  They cannot.  It is a contradiction.  When christians are presented with such contradictions, they then attempt the impossible by squaring off the circle.  From what I told him I then finished off with my conclusion that because the bible is contradictory and in his own words due to its followers “picking and choosing from the bible” what they want to follow as they see fit – this means that followers of Christianity are contradictory by their very nature.

My partner then started to stutter, mumbled something that I could not recognise and then carried on watching the “christian hypocrite” on tv.

I would like to announce right here, I have succeeded for the first time in my life my very own version of a “Hitchslap.”  Now what I said to my partner and how I worded it would not have been as eloquently put or as intelligently insightful compared to the great man himself, but it was a diluted Hitchslap none the less.

In the comments section below, it would be awesome to read some of your own examples of your Hitchslaps.  I do not doubt that your examples will be better than my own.  So do not be shy, what is your most recent Hitchslap?  Or better yet, what is the best Hitchslap you have dished out to an unsuspecting or deserved religious follower?

***By the way, I am not going to buy the Ciate Caviar Nail Polish sets – instead I have found a really good present for my partner to buy for me next month for Valentines Day!***


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My Top 12 Atheist Podcasts of 2012

Good evening everyone (its 6:30 p.m. as I type),

So at the moment my YouTube subscription box is crammed full of videos where the YouTuber in question is giving me information of their top 12 make up products of 2012.  Some are top 10, top 5 so on and so forth – I am sure you get the picture!  Anyways, it gave me a capital idea of doing my own countdown of my top 12 atheist podcasts of 2012!  I will include all the necessary links so you can have a listen to the same educational goodness as me 😀

Anyways without further ado let the countdown begin:

12.  The Atheist Experience, 16th January 2012 –  Episode 744: The Failure of Prayer

11.  The Thinking Atheist, 7th March 201: More Facepalm Moments

10.  The Non Prophets, Episode 11.6: “The Free Will Episode” – Uploaded 26th July 2012 (Please note, 4 other episodes were uploaded on the same day)

9.  Penn’s Sunday School, 24th September 2012: Give me Bacon and Stay at my House

8.  The Thinking Atheist, 25th January 2012: Harry Potter is of the Devil!

7.  The Thinking Atheist, 1st February 2012: Is Evolution A Fact (with special guest AronRa)

6.  The Atheist Experience, 13th February 2012 – Episode 748: The Failure of the Second Coming

5.  The Atheist Experience, 14th May 2012 – Episode 761: The Argument from Ignorance

4.  The Atheist Experience, 9th April 2012 – Episode 756: Did Jesus Exist?

3.  Penn’s Sunday School, 17th December 2012: Crabs as Big as Dogs – Oh F**k!

2.  The Atheist Experience, 3rd December 2012 – Episode 790: Sex and God (with special guest Darrel Ray)

1.  The Thinking Atheist, 16th October 2012: The Church of Satan

***Special mention goes to The Atheist Experience, Episode 795: Argument From “Making Sense.”  I know that this was broadcast in 2013 this month but it was the most powerful episode I have ever listened to from The Atheist Experience.  As I type this, this episode is the most recent one so (if you have not had the chance to listen as yet) I highly recommend you listen to it now!***

Links for you to enjoy at your leisure 😀

Each aforementioned podcast for me have their own style that I love:

1.  Penn’s Sunday School is a bundle of fun and comedy every single week, I always find myself laughing every episode!
2.  I love how with the Non Prophets it is a conversation amongst a group of peers.  It feels like I am a fly on the wall whilst prominent atheists well known on the web have conversations about at the moment topics flying about within the atheist community.
3.  The Atheist Experience is for me, attending a weekly class on atheism.  I fail to not learn something new each week.  The dumber the caller, the more I learn!  Matt Dillahunty is superb but Tracie Harris is an amazing supernova and she deserves a lot more credit.  What she says is articulate and well informed.
4.  The Thinking Atheist is a podcast that is for me the most accessible.  I would always direct a new atheist to listen to this podcast first like me 🙂  The presenter, Seth Andrews, comes across as very friendly (I am sure he is friendly if you know him personally as well) and his shows are always entertaining.  He regularly updates his Facebook page continuing to take the time to have a conversation with his listeners and Facebook followers.

And that is it for this evening folks.  Do you agree with my countdown, especially what I picked as my number one podcast?  The reason I picked it was because it was the most unique and “out there” atheist podcast of 2012.  I really believe that no one else would have thought to have the Church of Satan as topic.  What was equally as impressive was that Seth (The Thinking Atheist Host) was able to get the high priest of the Church of Satan to call in and contribute to the proceedings!  It was a fun and equally informative podcast.  I appreciate how Seth chooses to push the boundaries of topics to be discussed.

I realised when I compiled this list that I am very limited in what atheist based podcasts I actually subscribe to.

Do you have any suggestions for any new shows for me to listen to for 2013?

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Ordinary British Citizens Fighting Against Religion

Seeing that I am currently in hospital (again) I have been on the internet just browsing around, on youtube watching some make up tutorials and reviews and being on Facebook.  But guess what I found along the way, I found two articles on The Guardian website that has made me really proud of the British atheist community.

The second article does bear striking similarity as such to the Jessica Ahlquist fight against her school in America.  It is nice to know that there are people in England that too will fight for the separation of religion from the state and also fight against religion’s prejudices e.g. homosexuality, sex before marriage etc.

It is very striking that in both articles, the religious community are stating that it is they that are being victimised and sidelined in society, that they are not being treated fairly.  The whole point is that they can believe in whatever/whoever they want, but their religion has no place in British politics.  To be in politics you are representing a plurality of people that believe/not believe in different religions.  What your own personal beliefs are should not have any influence on your decisions in politics.  The decisions made should encompass as much of society as possible.  We all know where Tony Blair and George Bush ended up!

And they have no right to try to change what people want to do just because their actions do not fit in to what the religious believe.  Just like it is the law to not incite religious hatred towards another religion, there is another law that protects homosexuality that should also be observed and followed.  Just because homosexuality is deemed evil and immoral somehow in the bible does not mean that the law should reflect this.  NO!  Who is victimising and sidelining who now!?

No one follows the bible to its exact wording and laws.  The ones that they do not follow or believe in, they say things like, oh its supposed to be a metaphor or it made sense in their time but we have evolved since then.  If this is supposed to be the word of god then how could it be so malleable.

I do not want to come on so strong but I find that people that follow the bible are hypocrites.  The reason I think this is because they seem to cherry pick which ones to follow and which ones to be discarded.  Please see the link below, I was going to give you a list but this person has written it better than me to be fair!

Now I have gone onto the Chymorvah Hotel website (the first example at the beginning of this post where the couple did not allow a homosexual couple to stay in the same room together).   I have had a look at their menu and my my my, what good Christians they REALLY are!  If they are a fan of such outdated beliefs as their lawyer’s defence was, then why in their menu do they offer (shock horror) BACON!!??

I do find it hypocritical also that they have put at the side of that page “There are no petty restrictions; you can come and go as you like – Chymorvah is your home while you are with us and our aim is to make your holiday one to remember.”  Yeah thats great, unless you are homosexual!

Now for the other story mentioned at the beginning where the prayers have been quite rightly banned from official council meetings here is the following:  (Matthew 22: 17 – 21) “Tell us, then, what you think. Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar, or not?” But Jesus, aware of their malice, said, “Why put me to the test, you hypocrites? Show me the coin for the tax.” And they brought him a denarius. And Jesus said to them, “Whose likeness and inscription is this?” They said, “Caesar’s.” Then he said to them, “Therefore render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

The council is there to serve society, not god.  The church is there to serve god.  Jesus was able to distinguish between the two and advocate himself the separation of church from the state.  So these people wanting to have prayers in the council meetings are going against their dear sweet Jesus and his own words!

Both of the religious sides that lost in this case both screamed “discrimination!”  That their freedom of belief is being taken away, that their religion in society is being sidelined.  I say to them this, you want the courts to uphold and back your decisions to be discriminatory against those that do not believe or those that do not act accordingly to your own beliefs because you have some kind of divine backing.  You want the courts to add some legal weight behind your punches so to speak.  But religion will only allow the courts, the law of the land, to intervene when it will only benefit them, when it will only strengthen their own position.  How about letting the law of the land in to investigate and prosecute the priests that are sexually abusing young children!?  How about doing that!?

The religious – they hear what they want to hear, they choose to follow what they want to follow.  On the other hand, the British law does not cherry pick, it is more equal to everyone compared to the bible.  The law of the land is more unbiased than the bible.  Believe what you want to believe, but do not firstly try and force the belief on others and secondly do not try and force that belief on others by trying to infiltrate the state/politics.  If someone is not in the religious eyes a good person or not following the bible then what right do they have to try and force their beliefs, their opinions and their bible on to that person!?  Not only do the religious need to be considered fairly and have the right to believe, but the non-believers/atheists have the right to freedom from your beliefs and to be considered fairly also.


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All substance but no style?

I went to the hairdressers today, they did not ruin my length and my fringe is fine, but the way they blow dried and straightened my hair, literally the way they have styled it is just all wrong.  It got me to wondering, the evidence, our reasoning and common sense is concrete against religion and superstition, but is it the way that we are communicating such evidence, reasoning and common sense in the United Kingdom letting us down?

Listening to The Atheist Experience, they usually at least once each show have a religious fundamentalist on the show, and no matter what the hosts say, the fundamentalist still holds on to their superstitious belief.  The way I see it, what the hosts say should be like a chainsaw to their religion and at least start making them questioning such beliefs.  Why is this not happening more often?  Or is it and I am just not tuned in properly?

I am jealous of the American Atheist community.  They have atheist conventions that I could only dream of attending.  What do we need to do in Britain to ensure we have a once a year at least atheist convention of our own?  There is the British Humanist Association but again, here I feel is an example of all substance but no style.  It was only by accident that I found that this association actually existed.  It is not well known when really it should do in its fight for science and reason.  What can we do in Britain to make this Association more known and more prevalent here?

Yes we have the late Hitchens, Dawkins et al but they are in the corners of society here labelled “highly intelligent and non accessible” for the everyday Briton here.  As such, the lack of an atheist voice in everyday, normal society in Britain is really frustrating to me.

How else can we effectively remove religion’s clutches from society?  Is there anything else differently we can do to make our messages and evidence more effective?


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10 + 1 Questions For You All!

I have eleven questions that I would like to share with everyone if you do not mind……….

If one of the ten commandments is not to worship any other gods, then why in his supposed wisdom did he not create hard, cold, 100% cannot argue against proof that he does exist?

If one of the ten commandments is not to make any idols, then why in his supposed wisdom did he not reveal to us what he looks like so that we know we are creating a statue of god correctly?

If one of the ten commandments is not to use the god name in vain, then why did he create the vocabulary of vain words that can be used against him?

If one of the ten commandments is to keep the sabbath holy, then why do we have more evidence and proof of the big bang theory rather than the creationism story that dictates that we rest on the seventh day?

If one of the ten commandments is to honour your father and mother, then why does it deny god’s other creations of lesbians and gays (adoption for example), why not it say “honour your two mothers/honour your two fathers?”

If one of the ten commandments is not to kill, then why in his supposed wisdom did he create killers with their reason to kill e.g. psycho illnesses?

If one of the ten commandments are to not worship any other god, then why do we not take it seriously when a person states that this god has spoken to them these days……..why consider them crazies?!

If one of the ten commandments are not to commit adultery, then why did god in his wisdom not create us with some kind of a programme to only be with one person for life….like the Emperor Penguins?! (Yes that is true, they only have one mate, look it up on Google!)

If one of the ten commandments are not to covet someone else’s belongings, then why did god in his wisdom create the emotion jealousy?

If one of the ten commandments are not to steal, then why in his supposed wisdom did he create the condition “Kleptomania!?”

And finally as a whole, with these ten commandments in his mind why did he not create us with the necessary programming so that we could follow these commandments without the “flaws” that ultimately he created us with?  Either this god has set us up to fail from the very beginning or this god was very incompetent when he was supposedly creating the human race!  Either way, it does not look or sound good!


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Fate Can Go and Have a Word in that Dark Corner Over There!

I was speaking to my cousin on Skype and I got into a little bit of a rant after telling her the point of when I started to disbelieve Catholicism and I thought that I would let you know what I said during my ranting – maybe it might make some sense to all of you!

I started by saying that at the end of the day, there would be no one in the world that would hurt other human beings through killing them, torturing them, raping them, genocide etc. There would be no illnesses such as depression or pancreatitis. Basically there would be no evil or suffering full stop.

I then stated that an apologist acrobat/fundamentalist would turn up saying that all the evil is really through the free choice of man, it is our curse of original sin because of one lass eating an apple from some “forbidden tree.” On a side note – if it really was THAT forbidden then why would god have created it an let it grow on the planet where it was easily accessible in the first place!?

Anyways so when we do something bad it is “man’s fault.” But then when we do something good, well it is god that is working through us to show his divine nature on earth! The bad evil stuff comes from original sin created by man, thus vice comes from man. But virtue comes from god when we thank him for experiencing good fortune from his hands. Why are we giving this invisible god all the credit when we do something good, but when we do something bad, its our fault, god has NOTHING to do with that at all!

But then doesn’t god have power over our destinies? So he knows when we will do good and when we will do bad? Look, if this god has planned out our destinies as parts of the bible claim, then just as with the good, then this god has also given me this suffering and evil to experience as well.

What kind of loving, caring, forgiving etc god is that!? THINK ABOUT IT!

The epitome of the bible, the biggest example of all, Jesus, his life was planned out for example. From birth to the virgin Mary, to the baptism in the Jordan river by even a certain person – John the Baptist, all the way through to the “lamb of god” suffering all the way to death. The Old Testament was spewing out all this stuff, and along came Jesus to fulfil these “prophecies” and supercede them by creating some of his own that to this day continue to divide and cause more evil and bloodshed rather than good.

Thus according to the bible, his destiny was planned out even before he was born. He was always going to suffer and die at the hands of man in the end just like the Old Testament states. There was no escaping it. So if the son of god did not have free choice over his own life and destiny, then what chance is there for the rest of us if we are to believe the bible!?

Religion bases itself on a bible that is saying that we have no control over our own actions or destinies, there is no such thing as free choice/free will because it is all based on god’s will but then as fast as you can say “contradictory”……..

…….suffering, evil, vices, nastiness = from the hands of man due to original sin and free choice……..

……..and……..happiness, goodness, virtue = from the hands of god!?

Again I ask, what kind of loving, caring, forgiving god is that!? THINK ABOUT IT!!

Our actions, whether bad or good should only be attributed to ourselves, and ourselves alone. Personal responsibility is key. Put simply, why are we giving all the credit to some invisible supernatural being but then damning ourselves when we do something bad/wrong!?


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