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Abuse, “God’s” Involvement and the Catholic Church’s Attempt to Square this Circle

The Catholic Church will forever be tarnished with what their priests have done in some of their parishes to “spread the love” in the name of what they preach is their loving, peaceful and merciful god:


That violent, vicious and unspeakably evil act has been written next to the same words as priest, catholic and church.  The Catholic Church lost what they perceived as their religious moral dominance in the world when their clergymen started to prey on one of the vulnerable sectors of society – children.

The Catholic Church has been turned into one massive international paedophile ring in the name of religion – the priest would get caught so they removed him from one diocese and placed him into another.

Now lets just think about the magnitude of the church’s efforts to sweep these acts under the carpet. An employee at a children’s nursery sexually abusing children, the employee gets found out, the employer transfers the employee to another children’s nursery that they own and keeps this criminal and heinous act hush hush without police involvement. 

In this example do you think this is a correct way to handle a paedophile? No.

In this example would you trust sending your child to those children nurseries owned by that particular company? No.

So why has there not been much more condemnation and legal action against the catholic church and their extraordinary handling of those priests within the sheep contingent?

In spite of knowing what these priests have done, why do the sheep continue to go to church and continue to be involved and affiliated with catholicism?

If he is all knowing and all powerful, then did their god not intervene and avoid his employees (the priests) from carrying out those attacks? Why did god let this evil act happen time and time again?

In this instance when this problem is posed to the religious sheep they usually go along the lines of well god gave us free will and it is up to us what we do with it that determines whether we cross the threshold of the pearly white gates or not. The following needs to be said…..


If god is just, kind and all loving then he would not let crimes occur. And another thing, if this god is all powerful and all knowing then either:

1. He could stop these acts from ever happening based on a sense of justice and what is right but he simply chooses not to do so making him complicit in the crime or;

2. With crimes still going ahead regardless in this world, this god is simply not all knowing or all powerful to begin with.

So either god is apathetic and does not give a shit about his own creation (still holding a grudge possibly from the whole Adam and Eve scandal)….

….Or god is not as powerful as religion claims to be so why should the sheep invest their time in a god that is powerless to provide them with what they want?

It seems to me that with the sheep answer of free will to the whole “why does god let bad things happen” question, they are attempting to square the circle – and failing badly.

How about the infamous case of Peter Sutcliffe aka The Yorkshire Ripper? All those women he attacked and killed. All those voices he claimed was god in his head telling him that he needed to dispense some killing on the streets of West Yorkshire. If it is just as true as God in the bible telling Abraham to kill his child, then it could be equally true that God told Peter Sutcliffe to kill prostitutes!

If religion’s notion of god is infallible and is the epitome of everything that is good and just, then how can the concept of god be used to attempt the justification of crimes such as The Yorkshire Rippers? With god being used as a direct influence for both good and evil acts then religion cannot lay total claim on this god being wholly good and just. 

To explain this further, in religion god created EVERYTHING, the earth, stars and heavens. He also created an angel called lucifus which literally means “light.” According to religion he was the most powerful angel created. God created lucifus with free will and the angel in turn chose evil. This paved the way for lucifer’s eventual fall into hell becoming the antithesis of god himself.

With religion’s claim that god created everything, that means that in this case god did the following:

1. god created lucifer.

2. god created free will with the power to follow or defy his will.

3. god gave lucifer with free will.

4. god created the opportunity for any user of free will (including lucifer) to be good or evil.

5. therefore god created evil for it then to be a choice for consideration opposite good through his creation of free will.
Based on religions claim that their god created everything, then simply put, he created both good and evil. Could a god who created evil be 100% good? 

For a being thats supposedly all knowing, he must have known about evil in order to place it into his creation. And for a god that is supposedly all good, he did an evil act in itself by choosing to insert evil in the world for bad things to then derive from. Therefore looking at it from this logical viewpoint, if he exists, then this god is both good and evil. 

Us mere mortals have the capacity to do both good and bad acts, the only difference between us all is where our ethics lie and come from as to how good or how bad are acts are in the world. A priests ethics derive from the bible that’s full of genocide, murder, rape, torture etc. Even going on the 10 Commandments, the first 4 is about god but there is nothing about slavery, rape, torture or child sexual abuse, don’t you think those 4 could have made it in the list instead of the ones about the egotistical maniacal god!? When even their bible has stories about sexual abuse and not at the same time categorically stating that god states that this act is wrong, then not only do the priests need to be tried, convicted and punished under state law (not canon law), but also the bible itself, a source of “knowledge” and “ethics” for many including priests, needs to be reconsidered and in my opinion BURNED!! I get more knowledge about good and bad from “How to Behave and Why” by Munro Leaf!


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The Christmas Meal Battle and the Wedding Outfit Rush Around

Hey everyone

I know its been a loooong time but I really felt I did not have anything important or worth saying on here….until now.  I have the blogging bug back and it has come with a vengence!

So today, amongst other things, I firstly want to talk to you about my mother’s wedding that is coming up in February.  She does not want to do the bridesmaid thing but instead wants me to be a witness.  In addition, a registrar is officiating the ceremony in a hotel.  Definately awesome that its not going to be some long drawn out ceremony like the Roman Catholic church is hooked on but she is only getting married by a registrar as a technicality – she has been divorced before.  I think that if that did not matter to “The Church” then I certainly know that we would be dealing with a different kettle of fish!

But as luck and awesomeness would have it, a registrar and hotel it is.  She wants me to read a poem as “my contribution” to it all.  She had chosen these poems and wanted me to choose one.  I am doing one better and writing a poem myself – used to do a lot of that when I was younger, I just have to remember that it has to be simple with words she can understand and not depressing (seriously thats what she told me!)  And she also told me that it could not be all religious and stuff.  Now that was surprising hearing that from my mother and I had to remind her that this was me she was speaking to.  Judging by her reaction when I said that, I do not think she likes to be reminded that I am an atheist but I am not going to hide for no one.

In addition, originally I wanted to buy a new dress.  She saw a dress I bought from Italy earlier this year and decided she wanted me to wear that instead.  Yesterday I tried my dress on to make sure it still fits me and all of a sudden she has changed her mind.  I am now frantically looking online for a new dress.  I know the wedding is in February but I need to prepare NOW!

Other than that, Christmas in in a couple of days time.  Presents are all ready.  I do not know about you guys but I like the whole sharing and being together eating at a table part for Christmas.  For me, religion does not even enter this picture.  I am quite lucky because I have two Christmas meals on the day.  During the day I have dinner at my mother’s house, Italian Christmas meal with homemade lasagne.  Then in the evening I go over to my partner’s parents house and I have the traditional English Christmas meal that includes the big ass turkey and bread sauce.

Just a note on bread sauce:  I was introduced to this a couple of years back at his parent’s house and do not be put off with how it looks – it is yum with turkey.  I have also tried it with chicken and it is just as yum so I have an excuse to be able to have this the whole year through!

I will also be looking forward to the yearly scrap with my partner’s brother over the pigs in blankets!  If you do not know what I am talking about, those are mini sausages with bacon wrapped round them.  I won last year being able to nab the last one.  I know there is a rematch coming so I better be prepared.  Now since I am an Italian I have been trained all my life to EAT!

The most important present that I got for Christmas this year is something I bought for myself.  Very egotistical I know but this has been over 10 years in the making and very important to me.  I changed my name by deed poll.  My first name has stayed the same but I changed my last name to my mother’s maiden name.  I am not in contact with my father or his side of the family and quite frankly I never want to.  I have tried in the past but it always ends up the same, me feeling like crap and regretting it in the first place.  In addition, I do not represent or like the connotations that his last name represents and brings to me.  Therefore I took it upon myself to get it changed and done after thinking about it for over 10 years.  I got the deed poll documents through this week making it all official.  So now I am having to start getting my name changed with work, the bank etc.  I was the MOST excited getting it changed on Facebook (certainly a sign of the times there!)  I felt so proud once it was done and now I look at my name and I feel comfortable and at peace.  Now I am looking forward to getting my name changed at work – woot woot!

I hope you are glad that I am back to kick butt all over this blog once again.  For all you fellow atheist heathens out there that is reading this blog, what are you guys most looking forward to this Christmas?  Is it the same for you where religion does not enter the picture for you at all and you are able to celebrate Christmas for non religious reasons?  Or are you on the other side of the spectrum where you have to go with the flow and have to tag along to the church just to keep the peace with the family?  If so, how do you get through it?

Lots of hugs



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A Blatant Example of the Greed Inherent Within the Catholic Church

On Monday I met this little old Italian lady.  She and my mother were talking and she came on to talking about the local Italian club that is still active round here.  To my horror she said that a priest from Italy was coming over to attend this particular function at this Italian club and had instructed all members to donate money to him.  Not the church, but himself.  To make even more inappropriate and monstrous, he stated that he did not want donations in pound coins, 50p’s and what not, no, he went one better, he has demanded that all donations be in note form, so £5 notes, £10 notes so on and so forth.

The local Italian Club is made up of elderly members that do not have enough money as it is in this economic climate!  This Italian priest is literally coming over, taking their money and then going back home!  This is such a blatant act of greed through religious manipulation where not any donation from the goodness of your heart will do, no, they want MONEY!

“If you give me a pound coin, you will go to hell……If you give me a £10 note, you will be welcomed in the kingdom of god!”

Isn’t greed one of the seven acts of sin?  This church is swimming in the stuff!

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