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Achieved My Very Own Hitchslap (diluted version) – Victory is Mine!

This afternoon I had a really interesting conversation with my partner….he believes in Christianity and god.  Picture the setting, we are chilling on our settee, both of our armchairs at either side are raised so we are slobbing out good and proper.  I am looking at the Ciate Caviar Nail Sets deciding whether or not I should buy one and he is watching “The Real Housewives of Orange County!”  I SHIT YOU NOT!!!!

Anyways, one of the wives on the show (do not know her name and do not care to) claims she is religious.  The bible is the guidebook for all to live by and that her marriage is based on the notion that the husband makes the decisions on their lives.  He even makes the decisions on what she wears on a daily basis.  Firstly, that makes me cringe.  I wear what I want when I want.  I have my own style of fashion that I follow and my partner would not dare tell me to wear something else simply because he did not want me going out wearing a particular dress or something.  He has that healthy respect for me and I reciprocate back.

Secondly – and on to my main point of this blog – he turned round to me and said that this housewife has very traditional values that she lives by based on her religion.  But he then was perplexed by her because he said that in spite of all this traditionalism, the low cut tops and the mini dresses she wears is in contradiction to her “traditional religious values.”

I told him that religious people are essentially contradictory in nature.  The bible is full of rules that contradict each other.  If you are going to follow a religion based on a contradictory book, then the product of that religion – its followers – will be contradictory as well.

I gave him the good old example of the book of Leviticus in the Old Testament.  (And yes, when I mentioned the book of Leviticus, he asked me what book that was!)  More proof that we atheists know more about their bible than the followers themselves!  On a side note – that notion scares me where followers of this religion blindly obey and submit to this god’s will, yet they do not have sufficient information or knowledge about the book that their religion is based on in the first place.  Tell me, how is that rational!?

Anyways, moving on from that mini rant, I told Richard about the verse in Leviticus where it bans the consumption of shellfish.  Leviticus 11:10 states: “But whatever is in the seas and in the rivers that does not have fins and scales among all the teeming life of the water, and among all the living creatures that are in the water, they are detestable things to you.”

From this I told him that christians are contradictory with how they choose to live their life which at times can be in spite of their beloved bible.  These housewives lead opulent lives and have an opulent diet to match.  One item of which they love to consume is lobster – a food that evokes a style of class and upper living in the first place.

He agreed with me and said that Christians pick and choose what they want to abide by from the bible.  I then told him that the bible is contradictory in nature, what it will say in one book, it would then say the opposite in another book.  For example, in Leviticus 20:13 it states amongst other notions that gay men should be put to death.  Yet in the 10 commandments it states that we should not kill and Jesus’ “Golden Rule” from the New Testament states to love one another as you would want to be given love from others.

How can these examples reconcile with what is said in Leviticus?  They cannot.  It is a contradiction.  When christians are presented with such contradictions, they then attempt the impossible by squaring off the circle.  From what I told him I then finished off with my conclusion that because the bible is contradictory and in his own words due to its followers “picking and choosing from the bible” what they want to follow as they see fit – this means that followers of Christianity are contradictory by their very nature.

My partner then started to stutter, mumbled something that I could not recognise and then carried on watching the “christian hypocrite” on tv.

I would like to announce right here, I have succeeded for the first time in my life my very own version of a “Hitchslap.”  Now what I said to my partner and how I worded it would not have been as eloquently put or as intelligently insightful compared to the great man himself, but it was a diluted Hitchslap none the less.

In the comments section below, it would be awesome to read some of your own examples of your Hitchslaps.  I do not doubt that your examples will be better than my own.  So do not be shy, what is your most recent Hitchslap?  Or better yet, what is the best Hitchslap you have dished out to an unsuspecting or deserved religious follower?

***By the way, I am not going to buy the Ciate Caviar Nail Polish sets – instead I have found a really good present for my partner to buy for me next month for Valentines Day!***


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All substance but no style?

I went to the hairdressers today, they did not ruin my length and my fringe is fine, but the way they blow dried and straightened my hair, literally the way they have styled it is just all wrong.  It got me to wondering, the evidence, our reasoning and common sense is concrete against religion and superstition, but is it the way that we are communicating such evidence, reasoning and common sense in the United Kingdom letting us down?

Listening to The Atheist Experience, they usually at least once each show have a religious fundamentalist on the show, and no matter what the hosts say, the fundamentalist still holds on to their superstitious belief.  The way I see it, what the hosts say should be like a chainsaw to their religion and at least start making them questioning such beliefs.  Why is this not happening more often?  Or is it and I am just not tuned in properly?

I am jealous of the American Atheist community.  They have atheist conventions that I could only dream of attending.  What do we need to do in Britain to ensure we have a once a year at least atheist convention of our own?  There is the British Humanist Association but again, here I feel is an example of all substance but no style.  It was only by accident that I found that this association actually existed.  It is not well known when really it should do in its fight for science and reason.  What can we do in Britain to make this Association more known and more prevalent here?

Yes we have the late Hitchens, Dawkins et al but they are in the corners of society here labelled “highly intelligent and non accessible” for the everyday Briton here.  As such, the lack of an atheist voice in everyday, normal society in Britain is really frustrating to me.

How else can we effectively remove religion’s clutches from society?  Is there anything else differently we can do to make our messages and evidence more effective?


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Religious Schools = Religious Jail Cells

You go to school to open your mind, to learn about the world as it is and as it was with fact, science and reason.  When you send your children to a school that is faith based, you are hijacking that child’s development and learning experience.  Everything that this child learns is learnt but with the stipulation that behind all knowledge, god is there pulling the puppet strings!  What kind of education is this when you are mixing fact with supernatural fiction?  The cold hard fact is then diluted, as the late Christopher Hitchens said, “Religion poisons everything!”

Maybe in my naivety I did not even use the common sense to think that they were in existence, but I have recently found out that they have faith based private schools!  So parents are paying ALL this money for their child to learn the diluted facts about this world.  And the most saddening thing of all, whether private or not, that these diluted facts/diluted education that they will obtain will actually serve them well in their later adult life because everyone else has had this same diluted education.  They will be going through life with god as their handicap – not seeing the world/situations for what it/they really is/are.  Is ignorance really that blissful?

I find it incredible that people are prepared to pay thousands of pounds for their child to have an education that will be tainted by the “god education” that will inevitably run alongside it in a faith based school.  It is better to have an education rather than none at all, but if you are going to invest cold hard cash in your child’s education and ultimately their future, they why handicap them with the “god education.”

When a child is in a faith based school they are never free with the education that they receive because the notion of god is always attached to this style of education.  They are never free to explore education without the notion of god being rammed down their throats.  The school gates are really jail gates, slamming shut every day once all the pupils are accounted for, they cannot escape the god education that is to come.  There is no way out.

And even after the pupils leave these faith based schools, they will never entirely be free, they will always be in some construct of a religious jail cell within their minds because of the brainwashing they have had to undergo enacted by their very own teachers.  With some of the techniques these teacher use (alongside the usual religious figures in the church) I do agree with The Thinking Atheist pondering the question – could this amount to some kind of at least “emotional” child abuse?

Well either way, we know if the next generation coming through the ranks will be free, what it will take to be free, if ever………..

And this comes to my greatest fear about all of this and atheism as a whole……….even though it is better to fight the fight and do your own part in bringing reason, science and common sense to everyone eradicating god in the process, will we ever be able to get rid of religion to the point where that is in the minority and atheism is in the majority?  Will we ever be able to tip the balance of the scales to atheism favour?  I shudder to think that the world is condemned to be in the grip of religion and its falsehoods until the end of time, that is worse than being condemned to their falsified version of hell surely!?

The Thinking Atheist –


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Reflections and Hopes for 2012

What has the new year got in store for us?

What do I hope the new year will bring?

What do I hope to achieve in the pursuit of promoting atheism based on reason, logic and science?

Well as you know, I started this blog after Christopher Hitchens died. I took part in the Hitch tribute podcast that The Thinking Atheist held in his honour and after speaking out and letting my feelings and thoughts be heard, I decided I might as well follow up my words with actions. In a way, it is my tribute for Hitch, to carry on the torch that he created and held for such a long time.

Now I know that no way will I ever be as prominent and as big as Hitch was, but I want to do my part in the atheist cause, however small that may be (all 5 foot 2 inches of me!). It would be nice if this blog really took off. I have not found such a big and popular UK based atheist blog and I hope I will be able to fit such big shoes. But if I do not, then that does not matter either.

I thought that I was very open about my atheism, that I did not have anything to fear about letting my atheism show, not to strangers, but to people I know. After starting this blog I learnt that I was not as comfortable sharing my atheist views to everyone I knew as I first thought. I thought it was going to be easy, but it has not been. My first blog, well, I was a bag of nerves when it came to publishing it. It has now become easier over time because when it comes down to it, if they are my true friends, then they will accept me for everything I am and the lack of belief I have in religion. If not, well…….. Oh and then when I had my first theist confrontation, I was so scared. Would I make the atheist community proud in my responses? But then as an overview, with this blog, will I make the atheist community proud?

I hope so. I can only imagine achieving the standing that people like The Thinking Atheist and The Atheist Experience has. I can only try to emulate them – never copy them as I am my own person and I have my own style, but apart from Hitch, they are some of my inspirations and I thank them for their hard work in the cause. I am very grateful as a listener and as part of their audience. Without them, would I have had the courage or inspiration to do this blog? I do not think I would have had so much of either to be honest.

Enough with the love fest though, looking forward to the new year ahead, the big 2012, well we have the biggie really – apparently it is going to be the end of the world before the year has ended! There is no difference between some Mayan priest eons ago announcing the end of the world and some wackjob fundamentalist nutcase stating that the end of the world will happen tomorrow, so give him all his money to ensure your salvation! With my money firmly in my purse, I will no doubt see you all on the other side!


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The Yearly Christmas Day Attempted Conversion

So who out there at Christmas dreads the meal times only for the simple reason that your family then tries to make you “see sense/reason?”  Not just me?  Well if not then I am glad I am not alone for having to go through all that!

***The following is based on a conversation about the religion of Roman Catholicism but can also be substituted into most of the Christian denominations as well.***

So what happened this year at the annual Christmas “try to convert Stefania” conversation?!  Well this year it was about death and religion.  Trying to scare me into submission and fear of the unknown they were saying things like, when we die “our spirit/soul” lives on.  We do not die completely, we live in in another entity and we will meet everyone who has passed on again.

The other conversion sayings are the following:
1.  There is too much energy within people for us to simply die and not live on.
2.  You have gone from one extreme (theist) to another (atheist), why can’t you just be on a middle ground!?
3.  Talks about reincarnation to state that we do live on after death through existence of a soul/spirit.
4.  Talks about how people will all of a sudden believe in a past life that they “used to live” and it being historically true.

I firstly stated that religion is based on superstition and contradiction.  It is based on an invisible god.  It advocates to love everyone i.e. The Golden Rule, but then in the Old Testament, it advocates genocide and rape!

I continued to state that there is no proof that a spirit/soul actually exists.  If it did then it would be physical and would thus be physically identifiable within our bodies.  As such, when people talk about spirit/soul, they are really describing the brain and the chemical reactions that happens within the brain that controls the rest of our body and emotions.

I then continued to state that people that all of a sudden think that they live a past life and come up with information that is actually historically true, are actually people subconsciously not realising what they have learnt either on tv, books, internet etc and then attributing it to some kind of past life.  Subconsciously manipulating themselves to believe something to be true personally to themselves.  Something that religion thrives on.

For them to say that I was going from one extreme to another in belief was pretty much a personal insult to me said out of anger when I would not accept their reasoning or beliefs.  Trying to make me believe that it is my fault I do not understand them because I am at a dreaded extreme.  This was very underhand of them to try and twist it psychologically this way but I explained that I believe in Science, reason and logic that shows undeniable proof of the inner workings of the world and beyond.

I agree with the late Christopher Hitchens and my favourite philosopher Jean Paul Sartre………when we die, that is it, we are dead, we are gone, disappeared, no after life, nothing.  The life we have on this world is no prelude to the next.  We should be acting within this world for this world.  To act for our fellow man because it is inheritantly right to do so, not because some religion dictates a set of rules we must abide by.  Therefore we should not be acting towards our guaranteed admittance into another world beyond this one.

Jean Paul Sartre: Humanism and Existentialism – “God is dead, everything is permitted.”

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First Introductions

In the wake of Christopher Hitchens untimely demise I have decided that I need to do more for the atheist cause, so here it is, my own blog that will be full of my musings, beliefs and general chit chat through the eyes of an atheist in the British culture/society.  Not only is this my sole inspiration, but albeit my main one, others that have inspired myself, The Thinking Atheist aka Seth and The Atheist Experience spring to mind.  I find though that these are American and therefore perhaps not as accessible from this side of “the pond.”  I do recommend them all the same and you will find a link to their websites at the end of this post.

In the meantime, what invariably always happens, an introduction of myself, why/how I became atheist.

I come from a Roman Catholic background.  I was born and live in England but my family are actually Italian.  So whenever I visit my family in Italy you will always see signs of Catholicism every corner you turn.  In England I find that religion is not as important in comparison, which can only be a good thing, but it is still lurking behind in the shadows which is just as dangerous perhaps.

I attended a Roman Catholic school (the worst years of my life).  They teach scripture such as The Golden Rule, love one another as you would like to be loved yourself.  Yes, thats great, not so great when no one actually takes this on board and bullies the inch of your life out of you!  So this was the starting point of me turning to reason and truth, why would anyone be so mean to someone else when the Bible is teaching scripture such as this?  Of course, the teachers were cherry picking the nicer things out of the bible, no where in class did they teach of the rape, slavery, mass genocide that the Bible advocates.  That is not good PR for Catholicism!

So in sixth form at the same school I studied Philosophy for my A Levels.  The teacher was called Mr Adams and he was the most influential person at that moment in time.  He introduced me to the writings of Jean Paul Sartre and my love with Existentialism started there.  When the words were uttered, “God is dead, everything is permitted,” into these humble ears of mine, there was another alternate universe that was introduced, that I was allowed to think of that I would have never considered.  In this life, on this planet, do we actually need a God?  It is actually ok to think that there is no God.

And it snowballed from there, now what do I think of religion?  I used to think that it was all true and it was to be followed to get into heaven.  Now I think it is man made and it is not from some divine authority as it claims to be.  If it was, then there would not be any mistakes or contradictions within itself.  It would be absolute and would be explained with reason, science and truth.  How can something as imperfect as man describe and write the teachings and life of something that is perfect?  Imperfection can never understand or ascertain perfection.  The bible or any other holy text are thus a contradiction within themselves before you even set your eyes on the first page!

How could religion be as pure as it claims to be when fundamentalist Islamists are killing others that do not believe in their faith, or when the Pope is covering up such a heinous crime as pedophilia within his own church?  All for the greater good?  Am I an idiot or something, or is there a screw loose or something missing in these people’s heads or something!?

Are you an atheist?  What made you become and atheist?  What is your story?  If you would like to share your story with us then please, write in the comments box below.
On the other hand, are you a believer that has just read this?  What do you think after reading this?  I equally invite and encourage your comments below.

Please note:  I want this to be an honest but respectful discussion.  No swearing will be permitted on my blog.  Any that I do find will be promptly deleted.

Finally as promised here are the links below:

The Thinking Atheist:
The Atheist Experience:


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