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Abuse, “God’s” Involvement and the Catholic Church’s Attempt to Square this Circle

The Catholic Church will forever be tarnished with what their priests have done in some of their parishes to “spread the love” in the name of what they preach is their loving, peaceful and merciful god:


That violent, vicious and unspeakably evil act has been written next to the same words as priest, catholic and church.  The Catholic Church lost what they perceived as their religious moral dominance in the world when their clergymen started to prey on one of the vulnerable sectors of society – children.

The Catholic Church has been turned into one massive international paedophile ring in the name of religion – the priest would get caught so they removed him from one diocese and placed him into another.

Now lets just think about the magnitude of the church’s efforts to sweep these acts under the carpet. An employee at a children’s nursery sexually abusing children, the employee gets found out, the employer transfers the employee to another children’s nursery that they own and keeps this criminal and heinous act hush hush without police involvement. 

In this example do you think this is a correct way to handle a paedophile? No.

In this example would you trust sending your child to those children nurseries owned by that particular company? No.

So why has there not been much more condemnation and legal action against the catholic church and their extraordinary handling of those priests within the sheep contingent?

In spite of knowing what these priests have done, why do the sheep continue to go to church and continue to be involved and affiliated with catholicism?

If he is all knowing and all powerful, then did their god not intervene and avoid his employees (the priests) from carrying out those attacks? Why did god let this evil act happen time and time again?

In this instance when this problem is posed to the religious sheep they usually go along the lines of well god gave us free will and it is up to us what we do with it that determines whether we cross the threshold of the pearly white gates or not. The following needs to be said…..


If god is just, kind and all loving then he would not let crimes occur. And another thing, if this god is all powerful and all knowing then either:

1. He could stop these acts from ever happening based on a sense of justice and what is right but he simply chooses not to do so making him complicit in the crime or;

2. With crimes still going ahead regardless in this world, this god is simply not all knowing or all powerful to begin with.

So either god is apathetic and does not give a shit about his own creation (still holding a grudge possibly from the whole Adam and Eve scandal)….

….Or god is not as powerful as religion claims to be so why should the sheep invest their time in a god that is powerless to provide them with what they want?

It seems to me that with the sheep answer of free will to the whole “why does god let bad things happen” question, they are attempting to square the circle – and failing badly.

How about the infamous case of Peter Sutcliffe aka The Yorkshire Ripper? All those women he attacked and killed. All those voices he claimed was god in his head telling him that he needed to dispense some killing on the streets of West Yorkshire. If it is just as true as God in the bible telling Abraham to kill his child, then it could be equally true that God told Peter Sutcliffe to kill prostitutes!

If religion’s notion of god is infallible and is the epitome of everything that is good and just, then how can the concept of god be used to attempt the justification of crimes such as The Yorkshire Rippers? With god being used as a direct influence for both good and evil acts then religion cannot lay total claim on this god being wholly good and just. 

To explain this further, in religion god created EVERYTHING, the earth, stars and heavens. He also created an angel called lucifus which literally means “light.” According to religion he was the most powerful angel created. God created lucifus with free will and the angel in turn chose evil. This paved the way for lucifer’s eventual fall into hell becoming the antithesis of god himself.

With religion’s claim that god created everything, that means that in this case god did the following:

1. god created lucifer.

2. god created free will with the power to follow or defy his will.

3. god gave lucifer with free will.

4. god created the opportunity for any user of free will (including lucifer) to be good or evil.

5. therefore god created evil for it then to be a choice for consideration opposite good through his creation of free will.
Based on religions claim that their god created everything, then simply put, he created both good and evil. Could a god who created evil be 100% good? 

For a being thats supposedly all knowing, he must have known about evil in order to place it into his creation. And for a god that is supposedly all good, he did an evil act in itself by choosing to insert evil in the world for bad things to then derive from. Therefore looking at it from this logical viewpoint, if he exists, then this god is both good and evil. 

Us mere mortals have the capacity to do both good and bad acts, the only difference between us all is where our ethics lie and come from as to how good or how bad are acts are in the world. A priests ethics derive from the bible that’s full of genocide, murder, rape, torture etc. Even going on the 10 Commandments, the first 4 is about god but there is nothing about slavery, rape, torture or child sexual abuse, don’t you think those 4 could have made it in the list instead of the ones about the egotistical maniacal god!? When even their bible has stories about sexual abuse and not at the same time categorically stating that god states that this act is wrong, then not only do the priests need to be tried, convicted and punished under state law (not canon law), but also the bible itself, a source of “knowledge” and “ethics” for many including priests, needs to be reconsidered and in my opinion BURNED!! I get more knowledge about good and bad from “How to Behave and Why” by Munro Leaf!


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Achieved My Very Own Hitchslap (diluted version) – Victory is Mine!

This afternoon I had a really interesting conversation with my partner….he believes in Christianity and god.  Picture the setting, we are chilling on our settee, both of our armchairs at either side are raised so we are slobbing out good and proper.  I am looking at the Ciate Caviar Nail Sets deciding whether or not I should buy one and he is watching “The Real Housewives of Orange County!”  I SHIT YOU NOT!!!!

Anyways, one of the wives on the show (do not know her name and do not care to) claims she is religious.  The bible is the guidebook for all to live by and that her marriage is based on the notion that the husband makes the decisions on their lives.  He even makes the decisions on what she wears on a daily basis.  Firstly, that makes me cringe.  I wear what I want when I want.  I have my own style of fashion that I follow and my partner would not dare tell me to wear something else simply because he did not want me going out wearing a particular dress or something.  He has that healthy respect for me and I reciprocate back.

Secondly – and on to my main point of this blog – he turned round to me and said that this housewife has very traditional values that she lives by based on her religion.  But he then was perplexed by her because he said that in spite of all this traditionalism, the low cut tops and the mini dresses she wears is in contradiction to her “traditional religious values.”

I told him that religious people are essentially contradictory in nature.  The bible is full of rules that contradict each other.  If you are going to follow a religion based on a contradictory book, then the product of that religion – its followers – will be contradictory as well.

I gave him the good old example of the book of Leviticus in the Old Testament.  (And yes, when I mentioned the book of Leviticus, he asked me what book that was!)  More proof that we atheists know more about their bible than the followers themselves!  On a side note – that notion scares me where followers of this religion blindly obey and submit to this god’s will, yet they do not have sufficient information or knowledge about the book that their religion is based on in the first place.  Tell me, how is that rational!?

Anyways, moving on from that mini rant, I told Richard about the verse in Leviticus where it bans the consumption of shellfish.  Leviticus 11:10 states: “But whatever is in the seas and in the rivers that does not have fins and scales among all the teeming life of the water, and among all the living creatures that are in the water, they are detestable things to you.”

From this I told him that christians are contradictory with how they choose to live their life which at times can be in spite of their beloved bible.  These housewives lead opulent lives and have an opulent diet to match.  One item of which they love to consume is lobster – a food that evokes a style of class and upper living in the first place.

He agreed with me and said that Christians pick and choose what they want to abide by from the bible.  I then told him that the bible is contradictory in nature, what it will say in one book, it would then say the opposite in another book.  For example, in Leviticus 20:13 it states amongst other notions that gay men should be put to death.  Yet in the 10 commandments it states that we should not kill and Jesus’ “Golden Rule” from the New Testament states to love one another as you would want to be given love from others.

How can these examples reconcile with what is said in Leviticus?  They cannot.  It is a contradiction.  When christians are presented with such contradictions, they then attempt the impossible by squaring off the circle.  From what I told him I then finished off with my conclusion that because the bible is contradictory and in his own words due to its followers “picking and choosing from the bible” what they want to follow as they see fit – this means that followers of Christianity are contradictory by their very nature.

My partner then started to stutter, mumbled something that I could not recognise and then carried on watching the “christian hypocrite” on tv.

I would like to announce right here, I have succeeded for the first time in my life my very own version of a “Hitchslap.”  Now what I said to my partner and how I worded it would not have been as eloquently put or as intelligently insightful compared to the great man himself, but it was a diluted Hitchslap none the less.

In the comments section below, it would be awesome to read some of your own examples of your Hitchslaps.  I do not doubt that your examples will be better than my own.  So do not be shy, what is your most recent Hitchslap?  Or better yet, what is the best Hitchslap you have dished out to an unsuspecting or deserved religious follower?

***By the way, I am not going to buy the Ciate Caviar Nail Polish sets – instead I have found a really good present for my partner to buy for me next month for Valentines Day!***


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The British Female Atheist Will Be On The Church Podium Tomorrow!

Even though I am a known atheist to my friends and family, it does not end the fact that they try and still include me in religious things.  I am sure there are people out there that may relate to that situation.  Somehow, they will never fully accept my non belief in their invisible god.

I have a funeral to attend tomorrow, it will be Roman Catholic and the best thing… uncle has asked me to do the reading at the mass!  Anyone else he could have chosen, but he decided to choose the only atheist in the family that he knows!  I do wonder why though, opinions welcome below in the comments section.

I treat the bible as some kind of storybook fiction, nothing more than that.  No divine truth is in the bible.  It is all false!

Inappropriate does not even cover it, but faced with the situation where he asked me direct, I did not have the heart to say no.  It is his mother’s funeral after all and in my own way, I suppose I have done it out of respect for my aunty and uncle.  They have never discriminated against me for my atheism.

I do find it some what comical that on the podium in “god’s house” there is going to be an atheist reading from his own “holy” book. I know better ways that this book could serve humanity but I will leave that to write about  for some other time!

I wonder if I could use that time to do some de-converting of my own!  Hear me brothers and sisters, walk to the light created by Science, common sense, logic and reason!!  What are your suggestions!?



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10 + 1 Questions For You All!

I have eleven questions that I would like to share with everyone if you do not mind……….

If one of the ten commandments is not to worship any other gods, then why in his supposed wisdom did he not create hard, cold, 100% cannot argue against proof that he does exist?

If one of the ten commandments is not to make any idols, then why in his supposed wisdom did he not reveal to us what he looks like so that we know we are creating a statue of god correctly?

If one of the ten commandments is not to use the god name in vain, then why did he create the vocabulary of vain words that can be used against him?

If one of the ten commandments is to keep the sabbath holy, then why do we have more evidence and proof of the big bang theory rather than the creationism story that dictates that we rest on the seventh day?

If one of the ten commandments is to honour your father and mother, then why does it deny god’s other creations of lesbians and gays (adoption for example), why not it say “honour your two mothers/honour your two fathers?”

If one of the ten commandments is not to kill, then why in his supposed wisdom did he create killers with their reason to kill e.g. psycho illnesses?

If one of the ten commandments are to not worship any other god, then why do we not take it seriously when a person states that this god has spoken to them these days……..why consider them crazies?!

If one of the ten commandments are not to commit adultery, then why did god in his wisdom not create us with some kind of a programme to only be with one person for life….like the Emperor Penguins?! (Yes that is true, they only have one mate, look it up on Google!)

If one of the ten commandments are not to covet someone else’s belongings, then why did god in his wisdom create the emotion jealousy?

If one of the ten commandments are not to steal, then why in his supposed wisdom did he create the condition “Kleptomania!?”

And finally as a whole, with these ten commandments in his mind why did he not create us with the necessary programming so that we could follow these commandments without the “flaws” that ultimately he created us with?  Either this god has set us up to fail from the very beginning or this god was very incompetent when he was supposedly creating the human race!  Either way, it does not look or sound good!


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First Introductions

In the wake of Christopher Hitchens untimely demise I have decided that I need to do more for the atheist cause, so here it is, my own blog that will be full of my musings, beliefs and general chit chat through the eyes of an atheist in the British culture/society.  Not only is this my sole inspiration, but albeit my main one, others that have inspired myself, The Thinking Atheist aka Seth and The Atheist Experience spring to mind.  I find though that these are American and therefore perhaps not as accessible from this side of “the pond.”  I do recommend them all the same and you will find a link to their websites at the end of this post.

In the meantime, what invariably always happens, an introduction of myself, why/how I became atheist.

I come from a Roman Catholic background.  I was born and live in England but my family are actually Italian.  So whenever I visit my family in Italy you will always see signs of Catholicism every corner you turn.  In England I find that religion is not as important in comparison, which can only be a good thing, but it is still lurking behind in the shadows which is just as dangerous perhaps.

I attended a Roman Catholic school (the worst years of my life).  They teach scripture such as The Golden Rule, love one another as you would like to be loved yourself.  Yes, thats great, not so great when no one actually takes this on board and bullies the inch of your life out of you!  So this was the starting point of me turning to reason and truth, why would anyone be so mean to someone else when the Bible is teaching scripture such as this?  Of course, the teachers were cherry picking the nicer things out of the bible, no where in class did they teach of the rape, slavery, mass genocide that the Bible advocates.  That is not good PR for Catholicism!

So in sixth form at the same school I studied Philosophy for my A Levels.  The teacher was called Mr Adams and he was the most influential person at that moment in time.  He introduced me to the writings of Jean Paul Sartre and my love with Existentialism started there.  When the words were uttered, “God is dead, everything is permitted,” into these humble ears of mine, there was another alternate universe that was introduced, that I was allowed to think of that I would have never considered.  In this life, on this planet, do we actually need a God?  It is actually ok to think that there is no God.

And it snowballed from there, now what do I think of religion?  I used to think that it was all true and it was to be followed to get into heaven.  Now I think it is man made and it is not from some divine authority as it claims to be.  If it was, then there would not be any mistakes or contradictions within itself.  It would be absolute and would be explained with reason, science and truth.  How can something as imperfect as man describe and write the teachings and life of something that is perfect?  Imperfection can never understand or ascertain perfection.  The bible or any other holy text are thus a contradiction within themselves before you even set your eyes on the first page!

How could religion be as pure as it claims to be when fundamentalist Islamists are killing others that do not believe in their faith, or when the Pope is covering up such a heinous crime as pedophilia within his own church?  All for the greater good?  Am I an idiot or something, or is there a screw loose or something missing in these people’s heads or something!?

Are you an atheist?  What made you become and atheist?  What is your story?  If you would like to share your story with us then please, write in the comments box below.
On the other hand, are you a believer that has just read this?  What do you think after reading this?  I equally invite and encourage your comments below.

Please note:  I want this to be an honest but respectful discussion.  No swearing will be permitted on my blog.  Any that I do find will be promptly deleted.

Finally as promised here are the links below:

The Thinking Atheist:
The Atheist Experience:


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