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Ritzy Glitzy Revlon – Nail Varnish Review

So yesterday I tried Reggae Splash from the Kate Moss Salon Pro Rimmel nail varnish collection and the colour was very nice and unique but without a separate base coat and top coat, the varnish itself does not live up to its claims of both of the base and top coat in one.  I had stopped painting my nails at 8:00 p.m.  I went into bed at 10:00 p.m. and this morning I woke up and they were completely smudged, imprinted and ultimately ruined!  I would have taken a picture and put on here but they were too messy, I was embarrassed to upload a picture of them.  Hence, less than 24 hours later, I took them off and tried something completely different taking a break from the Kate Moss collection.

***Note: next time I use Reggae Splash, I will incorporate my usual base and top coat, then I will let you all know what it is like and upload pictures.***

In the meantime, other than buying from Rimmel, this week I bought some new nail varnishes from Revlon.  I have tried these previously and have always been impressed (as long as a base coat and top coat are applied in the process!)  When I was at Boots I bought Siren, One Perfect Coral and Ritzy.  I had always wanted to get a coral, Siren was the mix of orange/red I was also looking for and Ritzy intrigued me.

My most recent purchases to my Revlon nail varnish collection.

My most recent purchases to my Revlon nail varnish collection.

So having a temporary break with my fascination with the Kate Moss colours, I indulged in my curiosity with Ritzy.  Continuing to be vigilant with my base and top coats I used Ritzy and with only two coats, I was ready to use my Seche Vite.  Usually black nail varnish on long nails does not work, kind of verging on The Addams Family Morticia style, but mixed with micro glitter particles and larger hexagonal glitter particles, it puts my long nails in the stylish territory.  That and I prefer my nails to be long.  The only times they are short is if I snap one and then I have to begrudgingly get out my nail scissors!

The brush is thin so it makes application more precise.  The fact that it only takes 2 coats is a plus, it is less of the product you are using and it makes the whole process quicker in comparison to 3 coats to reach opacity.  Although I am always dubious with nail varnish products claims on only needing 1 coat so 2 coats needed is the best for me.  Usually you would think that putting on a second coat the black would ruin the glitter particles already applied to the nail but I did not see that happening.  If anything, the second coat gave the nail more sparkle – you can never have too much sparkle!

And here is the finished product…..

Current nails with Ritzy applied - black with glitter.  Something different and edgy for spring.

Current nails with Ritzy applied – black with glitter. Something different and edgy for spring.


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Kate Moss Salon Pro Nail Varnish Review – Atheists LOVE Make Up Too!

The full range in all its glory - need need need!

The Kate Moss Salon Pro nail varnish range in all its glory – wonderful colours, consistency and results – need need need!

Today I want to talk make up.  I love make up, it makes me happy and when I go to work I feel naked without some foundation and blusher.  With that being said I am going to do a little review for you all because looking on Google, there are not that many reviews about the Rimmel Salon Pro Kate Moss nail varnishes.  I personally was not a fan of her lipstick range she brought out with Rimmel (I know that is quite shocking to say but I just was not).  Plus as well, I kind of found it a bit contradictory that she brought out her own line of lipsticks and she fronted a Dior Addict lipstick campaign around the same time.  Both the Dior and Rimmel lipsticks she fronted were completely different – preferring the Dior out of the two!

Anyways, onto the nail varnishes……I originally bought three nail varnishes:
1. Britpop (blue)
2. Punk Rock (light grey with purple tinge)
3. Rock and Roll (tomato red)

Now on the website itself it says “Hot shades fresh from the catwalk.  Up to 10 days chip-resistant colour with gel shine finish.  Precision maxi brush for salon perfection.”

I bought Britpop because blue is my favourite colour and I can never resist them in nail varnish form!  I bought the other two because I like those kinds of music……I am currently wearing Britpop with Rock and Roll and I was so impressed with them.  The consistency was not watery or too thick and I did not get any air bubbles with them.  The brush is reeeeeeaaaallllyyyy really beautiful!!  It made it so easy to apply the varnish and in record time too.  Literally, the colour you see in the bottle translates well onto the nail, the pigmentation in other words is a dream come true!

Being so impressed with what I had used so far, the following day I went to Superdrug and bought 4 more colours from the range.  I would have bought more but they did not have any others.  The other 4 I bought was Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, New Romantic and Reggae Splash.  I am really looking forward to trying Reggae Splash, it is an apricot type of colour and it is very unique to my collection.

****Please note:  I do not know how long this offer is going to be on for but if you spend over £10 on Rimmel products at Superdrug, you get a free Scandaleyes mascara (the orange tube – original version).  A free mascara is a free mascara!***

The advertisements online state that this nail varnish is base coat, colour and top coat all in one and lasts for 10 days without chipping.  To be fair, when nail varnish products boasts such claims I am ALWAYS very dubious.  Regardless of Rimmel’s claims, I would definately recommend a base coat for the darker colours of the range such as Rock and Roll to stop nail staining.  The finish of the varnish itself is very glossy – as if there was a top coat on top.  But again, to ensure maximum longevity, I would still recommend a top coat.
[To note I use OPI as a base coat and the famed Seche Vite for the top coat.  No matter what I buy as a top coat, I ALWAYS come back to Seche Vite.]

And so in conclusion, with there being in total 10 nail varnish colours in this range, I have 7 of them already and with what I have found with them already I am now on the hunt for the final three!

Blue colour is "Britpop" and the red colour is "Rock and Roll."
Current nails of the moment – Blue colour is “Britpop” and the red colour is “Rock and Roll.”

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