A Note About Jessica Ahlquist

09 Feb

I received a request to create a post on here dedicated to Jessica Ahlquist.  For those who do not know this courageous lass, she was the girl who took her own school to court to take down a public prayer mureal and WON!  Since then, these “loving” christians have really shown their own brand of love towards her since then.  Please see the link below for more information.

I would detail the story here but I would just be repeating the hundreds of other blogs and websites that have chronicled Jessica’s fight for freedom from religion within the parameters of the state.  What I do want to comment on though is what can we learn from her positive actions for own own lives wherever we are in the world………..

For me after reading her story, it has taught me to be more fearless with my atheism.  After reading what she had done and what she did to get the end result, compared to her, I am not as fearless.  I sit behind my laptop and I write posts on my blog.  That is a safe path in a way.  And to be honest I thought I was being fearless when I started this blog.  But, I am protected, no one is physically going to jump out of my screen and throttle my throat in disagreement.  But what do I really do within my own community or my own life with my circle of friends or family to promote common sense, science and cold hard evidence?  Very little, only if I am confronted about it would I say anything.  In reflection maybe I am just avoiding having to say anything about my atheism unless I am confronted.  Is that a good thing with me not wanting to cause conflict?  But change is only created through conflict so really in retrospect, is it a bad thing that unless I am confronted my atheism stays quiet?  Either way what am I going to do to improve myself further?

Well knowledge is power, I am certain in my atheism, that I do not doubt.  But perhaps on hindsight, my arguments are weak.  I need to read more, absorb more information so I am armed with a bazooka rather than a pistol!  I would be interested in what you guys could recommend in the comments below 🙂


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4 responses to “A Note About Jessica Ahlquist

  1. rowanwphillips

    February 13, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    I don’t think its generally helpful to meet someone and say ‘Hi, I’m an atheist’ but if the topic is ever raised i always make it perfectly clear what I believe then wait for a response before starting a debate, if a person doesn’t want to argue there’s no use trying to force them. Its pretty much impossible to change a person’s belief system in 1 conversation –

    It can be difficult knowing which angle to take regarding how or what to tell believers of your own beliefs. 1st you have to establish if they’re a proper nut-job (creationism etc), deluded (virgin birth & resurrection) or agnostic but think of themselves as a believer. There are arguments against all, try reading Sam Harris, who has a way of putting arguments in a very succinct way which helps get your point across without sounding like you’re giving a lecture. Most of the time believers are not fully aware of either the arguments for or against but have just accepted what they learnt at school, to hear a fundamental part of their life destroyed by logic can be quite stressful so unless they are ready for a debate and are fully aware of the facts and evidence, my advice would be to make sure you know your stuff and go easy on them at first.

    • britishfemaleatheist1

      February 13, 2012 at 5:54 pm

      Thank you for your advice. It is always helpful to get others opinions on such matters and I am really grateful for your input. There is that feeling sometimes that maybe you are not doing enough in this life and maybe what I am doing is all I can ever do in hindsight.

  2. Hoogly Boogly

    February 10, 2012 at 2:45 am

    First, thanks for the link! I personally don’t go out of my way to make everyone around me know that I’m an atheist although friends, family, co-workers and the like know. I do have some t-shirts and there is a sticker on my car. That’s really not much but it does drive some people absolutely bonkers and they feel the need to proselytize. Because I grew up in a very Christian home and my family are insane new-earthers I know how to bounce these people away. I usually bring up the physics about the flood, the mathematics involved in Adam and Eve, or the fact that Jesus was really born (if at all, which I don’t believe) nearer to Feb 6 and it was the church itself that changed the date (Dec. 25 coincides with other pagan deities and miraculous birth) and the general nonsense about their book.

    If you want to arm yourself with a great understanding of the Bible and how to completely refute it I’d like to suggest John Loftus’ blog He’s a former minister and knows the book better than anybody I’ve ever dealt with. If you’d like to go a bit further to see how Christianity basically stole most of its stories and imagery read Jesus Potter Harry Christ by Derek Murphy. Its kind of dry but loaded with facts and history of the Christian Church that most Christians have never heard.

    Basically, if confronted I’ll stand my ground but I don’t usually go out of my way to harass and insult Christians (I don’t seem to ever deal with other religions). I’m not sure of the conditions in Brittan but in the states the fundies are getting louder and less tolerant, if they ever were, so I do find that I point out this increase in Christian Fascism and I will get in their faces. The other believers seem to be ok with being a non-believer so there is some good news. However, I do live in Costa Mesa, CA which is home to Calvary Chapel (the first of many) which is a very large fundie young-earth church. You technically have a state church and I’m totally ignorant of the laws there regarding church/state issues but as you know we don’t have that. Even though there are laws the Christians in many places just ignore them and call us intolerant if we complain. Just more cannon fodder in my opinion. But I run a nearly invisible little blog.

    Anyway, again thanks for the link and good luck! Stay positive.

    PS – Although Jessica won she is still dealing with the intolerant Christian bullies.

    • britishfemaleatheist1

      February 13, 2012 at 5:56 pm

      You are welcome. Thank you for the link suggestion by the way, its definately informative! In England you are right, we have a state church. It is just as influential in society as ever, but it works behind the scenes without you knowing it!


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