A Blatant Example of the Greed Inherent Within the Catholic Church

02 Feb

On Monday I met this little old Italian lady.  She and my mother were talking and she came on to talking about the local Italian club that is still active round here.  To my horror she said that a priest from Italy was coming over to attend this particular function at this Italian club and had instructed all members to donate money to him.  Not the church, but himself.  To make even more inappropriate and monstrous, he stated that he did not want donations in pound coins, 50p’s and what not, no, he went one better, he has demanded that all donations be in note form, so £5 notes, £10 notes so on and so forth.

The local Italian Club is made up of elderly members that do not have enough money as it is in this economic climate!  This Italian priest is literally coming over, taking their money and then going back home!  This is such a blatant act of greed through religious manipulation where not any donation from the goodness of your heart will do, no, they want MONEY!

“If you give me a pound coin, you will go to hell……If you give me a £10 note, you will be welcomed in the kingdom of god!”

Isn’t greed one of the seven acts of sin?  This church is swimming in the stuff!

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