The British Female Atheist Will Be On The Church Podium Tomorrow!

29 Jan

Even though I am a known atheist to my friends and family, it does not end the fact that they try and still include me in religious things.  I am sure there are people out there that may relate to that situation.  Somehow, they will never fully accept my non belief in their invisible god.

I have a funeral to attend tomorrow, it will be Roman Catholic and the best thing… uncle has asked me to do the reading at the mass!  Anyone else he could have chosen, but he decided to choose the only atheist in the family that he knows!  I do wonder why though, opinions welcome below in the comments section.

I treat the bible as some kind of storybook fiction, nothing more than that.  No divine truth is in the bible.  It is all false!

Inappropriate does not even cover it, but faced with the situation where he asked me direct, I did not have the heart to say no.  It is his mother’s funeral after all and in my own way, I suppose I have done it out of respect for my aunty and uncle.  They have never discriminated against me for my atheism.

I do find it some what comical that on the podium in “god’s house” there is going to be an atheist reading from his own “holy” book. I know better ways that this book could serve humanity but I will leave that to write about  for some other time!

I wonder if I could use that time to do some de-converting of my own!  Hear me brothers and sisters, walk to the light created by Science, common sense, logic and reason!!  What are your suggestions!?



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2 responses to “The British Female Atheist Will Be On The Church Podium Tomorrow!

  1. gerry

    January 29, 2012 at 8:05 pm

    I have two funerals tommorow! I wont be giving a speach though as these are friends of a long time who have passed away and not family. I don’t see it as my aim to deconvert anyone, most people I know are only nominal christians, and not very dogmatic. However if someone wants to talk about religion and its assumed merits I love to chip in with my opinion. If someone wants to follow reason and be logical about life then thats a good thing in my opinion. Being sceptical has its own rational… but what I really like is to point out in open debate any regular religious person and confound them by poiting out the inadmissable contradictions of their holy book…thank you and good luck with your appointment and dont fluff your lines! : )

    • britishfemaleatheist1

      January 30, 2012 at 4:31 pm

      I have just come back from the funeral today. Lines were not fluffed because I did not get the chance to do the reading. The priest just went through it all on his own. I am not too bothered. If anything quite relieved. I would have been a walking contradiction having to do that reading. Even though I was doing it out of loyalty and love for my uncle.

      The funeral mass was not upsetting to me. What really upset me was seeing my uncle carry his mother’s coffin out of the church with the rest of the pall bearers. That kind of image is just really upsetting. That and the music that was chosen for the cremation ceremony, Westlife – Flying Without Wings and “Time to Say Goodbye.” Not my kind of music that I listen to everyday, but put in certain circumstances and it really chokes you up like it did to me today! Me and my heavy black eye make up though were kept in place rather than it all going all panda eye! The make up being waterproof though helped a little!


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