All substance but no style?

18 Jan

I went to the hairdressers today, they did not ruin my length and my fringe is fine, but the way they blow dried and straightened my hair, literally the way they have styled it is just all wrong.  It got me to wondering, the evidence, our reasoning and common sense is concrete against religion and superstition, but is it the way that we are communicating such evidence, reasoning and common sense in the United Kingdom letting us down?

Listening to The Atheist Experience, they usually at least once each show have a religious fundamentalist on the show, and no matter what the hosts say, the fundamentalist still holds on to their superstitious belief.  The way I see it, what the hosts say should be like a chainsaw to their religion and at least start making them questioning such beliefs.  Why is this not happening more often?  Or is it and I am just not tuned in properly?

I am jealous of the American Atheist community.  They have atheist conventions that I could only dream of attending.  What do we need to do in Britain to ensure we have a once a year at least atheist convention of our own?  There is the British Humanist Association but again, here I feel is an example of all substance but no style.  It was only by accident that I found that this association actually existed.  It is not well known when really it should do in its fight for science and reason.  What can we do in Britain to make this Association more known and more prevalent here?

Yes we have the late Hitchens, Dawkins et al but they are in the corners of society here labelled “highly intelligent and non accessible” for the everyday Briton here.  As such, the lack of an atheist voice in everyday, normal society in Britain is really frustrating to me.

How else can we effectively remove religion’s clutches from society?  Is there anything else differently we can do to make our messages and evidence more effective?


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5 responses to “All substance but no style?

  1. The Quizzical Observer

    January 21, 2012 at 1:00 am

    I think the big difference is that religious belief is nothing like as important in British politics and public life as it is in the States, so a ‘voice for atheists’ isn’t needed anything like as much – it would be the voice of most ordinary people. It’s an interesting contrast. The US Constitution explicitly separates Church and State, while here in Britain the Church is ‘established’; yet come election time, it’s the American candidates who have to get all fired up about their faith, not our lot. Go figure 🙂

  2. gerry

    January 19, 2012 at 6:02 am

    I like what you say BFA and also like you I look at the US and think why is the debate not as seemingly polarised here as it is there? We do see increasing secularisation in society mainly and we see some atheists speaking out on the occassional TV show, usually one discussing the merits or relevance of modern religion. But no tours or well attended debates featuring the theist / atheist positions. The TV channells may one day see the potential for popularity in this area of interest. Personally I would like to have a slow moving but progressive advertising program nationwide highlighting with subtily and invention the abject nonsense of the religious point of view…asking the individual to wake up to the complete lack of intellectual integrity contained in religious dogma, describing the poverty and the richness of the opposite world views…I think most people would welcome more insight into the dynamic of atheism to enrich their experience.

  3. britishfemaleatheist1

    January 18, 2012 at 8:12 pm

    Where could we stage an atheist event? I was thinking somewhere like Leeds or Manchester, somewhere up North because usually whenever a really good atheist event happens, its always in London! Who else can we get involved? I pretty much know no one who is an atheist other than myself!

    • Jeff Walker

      January 19, 2012 at 9:16 am

      I fully agree that somewhere outside of London would be preferable – not just because most events take place in London, but venues and overnight accommodation would be excessively expensive. Leeds, Birmingham or Manchester would be good locations – good road and rail networks. I suppose a first start would be to see if anyone else is interested – perhaps by putting a post on Atheist Republic’s wall for British atheists to express an interest?

  4. Jeff Walker

    January 18, 2012 at 7:53 pm

    Happy to become involved in organising an event….


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