Hallucinating Spirit Guides

06 Jan

Currently I am in the last place anyone ever wants to be, on a stretcher in hospital waiting for the doctors to decide what they want to do with me yet again after another pancreas attack.  So while I am here, I might as well put my time to good use!

I always find it incredulous that when people hallucinate, many consider it to be an act of god.  That god is somehow communicating to them in a less than sober state.  I mention this because today as ever, as soon as I came into hospital, in went the iv morphine and there appeared the usual colours and falling stars around me as I had that dopey morphine doped up smile on my face (better than being in immense pain in comparison!)

It makes me think about the indians for example.  In order for them to discover the “spirit guide” they had to live in exile away from their community, live in the wilderness and get to such a physically ill state to induce the hallucinations needed to discover their “spirit guide” from a communication from a higher being above.  My first question to this is why can’t this higher being/god communicate to us whilst in a sober like state?  Why does it have to be that we have mentally and physically mutilate ourselves before this god speaks to us?  This god does definately LOVE this brand of masochism in his own name no less!

Now I know when I am hallucinating it is because of my brain and its signals – in this case the morphine being the catalyst.  It is not real and it is not a god trying to communicate to me.  Everything that happens in this world is from a physical cause/entity etc.

***Quick update everyone – doctors have decided to let me go home now, so I am packing up and shipping off home!  Woo Hoo!  Till the next time folks!***


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2 responses to “Hallucinating Spirit Guides

  1. Jeff Walker

    January 7, 2012 at 12:10 am

    Sorry to hear that you have been ill.


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