My First Ever “Hitch Slap” – To My Religious Studies Teacher!

04 Jan

Major flashback:  I remember I was in sixth form, I attended St Joseph‘s Catholic College and I was in a Religious Studies class and the teacher was teaching us about “omnipotence,” “omnipresence” and “omniscience.”

Omnipresence = god is everywhere imaginable

Omniscience = god is infinite in regards to his knowledge past, present and future

Omnipotence = god has unlimited power and can do anything/everything at any time

After learning about what each “omni” meant I asked my teacher straight away, if we are created with free will by a god that has the power to do so i.e. is omnipotent, then how can he be omniscient at the same time because that would indicate that this god knows what we are going to do every step of the way in our lives?  It is like being handed the gift of free will but in handcuffs and chains!

Then taking it further, after all that then adding on omnipresence, how can a god that is supposed to be everywhere, not be able to butt into our lives and either influence it or directly make changes?  Where is our power of free will then?  Not only is the gift of free will in handcuffs and chains but then we are locked up in a box with no freedom to move!

My Religious Studies teacher’s reply, “It is god, he can simply do anything because he is god.”

As I walked away from her, I continued to see for myself the lies of religion and a smile formed on my face.


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6 responses to “My First Ever “Hitch Slap” – To My Religious Studies Teacher!

  1. Jake

    January 5, 2012 at 11:29 pm

    I thought I’d just read the introduction to this, as I was first directed here from the ‘Atheist Republic’ Facebook group. However, I ended up reading the entire thing and am glad I did so. This is the first worthwhile blog I have read in a long time and I find myself agreeing with pretty much every point you make. It has been refreshing to read such similar points of view to mine and I shall definitely return here to read more, should you continue with this blog.

    • britishfemaleatheist1

      January 6, 2012 at 5:38 pm

      Hi Jake, I will definately continue with the blog. Thank you for reading it all (albeit mistakenly)! I will make sure that my links are more concentrated in the future rather than dilated!

      In my own personal life, as you may experience yourself, I do not have really anyone that shares my own atheism, everyone is in the grip of religion. So this blog is a great outlet to share all my many ideas and my atheistic reasons and beliefs with the world in the hope that where many will hopefully understand and agree, I may be able to set the fire in a few and set them on their way to science, logic and reason.

      Thank you

  2. gerry

    January 5, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    follow brittish atheist…when ill the population of thw world get it that god just does not make sense? Is everyone demiberately stupid on this? What is that britian / uk is so holed up in religion and do you think we need a stronger secularist action centre?

    • britishfemaleatheist1

      January 5, 2012 at 7:18 pm

      Religion is so prominent in Britain for many reasons, firstly there is this big thing on “multiculturalism.” This idea being promoted that everyone should accept everyone’s religion. There is nothing as big for atheism. Notice, when people talk about multiculturalism, they talk about different religions. They do not mention atheism. So to me, multiculturalism is a big gang of all religions together against reason, science and logic aka atheism.

      Secondly, Britain is primarily a christian state. You have the Church of England created by Henry 8th after the dissolution of the catholic monasteries and infrastructure to make way for his own religion so he can simply divorce and marry again! All the main christian holidays are celebrated in England such as the big ones, Easter and Christmas. The Church of England is so embedded within the culture of Britain that it has its own schools nationwide. But then so do other religious schools, you have roman catholic, muslim and jewish schools for example.

      There are so many reasons why Britain is so holed up in religion, those are the two that have sprung to my mind at the moment. I do not even think to be fair that in England there is a secularist action center! If there is, then it is so minuscule in its influence in this country! We do not even have the equivalent to lets say “The Thinking Atheist” or “The Atheist Experience” for example in Britain. Atheism is in its own little box in the far corners of society here, we need to shake it up and bring it into the center for everyone to see and be uncomfortable in its truth and reason!

      Thank you


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