Fate Can Go and Have a Word in that Dark Corner Over There!

02 Jan

I was speaking to my cousin on Skype and I got into a little bit of a rant after telling her the point of when I started to disbelieve Catholicism and I thought that I would let you know what I said during my ranting – maybe it might make some sense to all of you!

I started by saying that at the end of the day, there would be no one in the world that would hurt other human beings through killing them, torturing them, raping them, genocide etc. There would be no illnesses such as depression or pancreatitis. Basically there would be no evil or suffering full stop.

I then stated that an apologist acrobat/fundamentalist would turn up saying that all the evil is really through the free choice of man, it is our curse of original sin because of one lass eating an apple from some “forbidden tree.” On a side note – if it really was THAT forbidden then why would god have created it an let it grow on the planet where it was easily accessible in the first place!?

Anyways so when we do something bad it is “man’s fault.” But then when we do something good, well it is god that is working through us to show his divine nature on earth! The bad evil stuff comes from original sin created by man, thus vice comes from man. But virtue comes from god when we thank him for experiencing good fortune from his hands. Why are we giving this invisible god all the credit when we do something good, but when we do something bad, its our fault, god has NOTHING to do with that at all!

But then doesn’t god have power over our destinies? So he knows when we will do good and when we will do bad? Look, if this god has planned out our destinies as parts of the bible claim, then just as with the good, then this god has also given me this suffering and evil to experience as well.

What kind of loving, caring, forgiving etc god is that!? THINK ABOUT IT!

The epitome of the bible, the biggest example of all, Jesus, his life was planned out for example. From birth to the virgin Mary, to the baptism in the Jordan river by even a certain person – John the Baptist, all the way through to the “lamb of god” suffering all the way to death. The Old Testament was spewing out all this stuff, and along came Jesus to fulfil these “prophecies” and supercede them by creating some of his own that to this day continue to divide and cause more evil and bloodshed rather than good.

Thus according to the bible, his destiny was planned out even before he was born. He was always going to suffer and die at the hands of man in the end just like the Old Testament states. There was no escaping it. So if the son of god did not have free choice over his own life and destiny, then what chance is there for the rest of us if we are to believe the bible!?

Religion bases itself on a bible that is saying that we have no control over our own actions or destinies, there is no such thing as free choice/free will because it is all based on god’s will but then as fast as you can say “contradictory”……..

…….suffering, evil, vices, nastiness = from the hands of man due to original sin and free choice……..

……..and……..happiness, goodness, virtue = from the hands of god!?

Again I ask, what kind of loving, caring, forgiving god is that!? THINK ABOUT IT!!

Our actions, whether bad or good should only be attributed to ourselves, and ourselves alone. Personal responsibility is key. Put simply, why are we giving all the credit to some invisible supernatural being but then damning ourselves when we do something bad/wrong!?


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2 responses to “Fate Can Go and Have a Word in that Dark Corner Over There!

  1. gerry

    January 5, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    I’ve had this type of converstaion with a christian. I pushed him a bit and he eventually summed up by stating unequivically that god is god and can do what he wants. Thats probably the best answer he could give.

    • britishfemaleatheist1

      January 5, 2012 at 7:19 pm

      Yeah, its so funny to me when they just throw their toys out of the pram and are like “its just god, just accept it and thats that!” No I will not, deal with it!



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