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The British Female Atheist Will Be On The Church Podium Tomorrow!

Even though I am a known atheist to my friends and family, it does not end the fact that they try and still include me in religious things.  I am sure there are people out there that may relate to that situation.  Somehow, they will never fully accept my non belief in their invisible god.

I have a funeral to attend tomorrow, it will be Roman Catholic and the best thing… uncle has asked me to do the reading at the mass!  Anyone else he could have chosen, but he decided to choose the only atheist in the family that he knows!  I do wonder why though, opinions welcome below in the comments section.

I treat the bible as some kind of storybook fiction, nothing more than that.  No divine truth is in the bible.  It is all false!

Inappropriate does not even cover it, but faced with the situation where he asked me direct, I did not have the heart to say no.  It is his mother’s funeral after all and in my own way, I suppose I have done it out of respect for my aunty and uncle.  They have never discriminated against me for my atheism.

I do find it some what comical that on the podium in “god’s house” there is going to be an atheist reading from his own “holy” book. I know better ways that this book could serve humanity but I will leave that to write about  for some other time!

I wonder if I could use that time to do some de-converting of my own!  Hear me brothers and sisters, walk to the light created by Science, common sense, logic and reason!!  What are your suggestions!?



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Alexander Aan – Brave Atheist Warrior

I feel compelled to a big almighty rant here, just how poisonous does religion have to be until everyone realises that it is a force for evil?  It always has been and always will be.  An instrument of control over the mind and body of human beings.

For simply saying that you do not believe in god, literally uttering those words, does that really justify really having to lose your job and face up to five years in prison!?  Just because you say you do not believe in the invisible man in the sky!?  Can people just start to get real!?

Just because we are atheist, just because we do not submit to your dogma and ridiculous teachings does not mean that we then forgo our right to exist or forfit our basic human rights – freedom of speech and freedom to live our lives according to our own beliefs whether that be belief in god or not.

What, should we start putting people in jail and robbing away their own freedom to exist because they believe in a god!?  How ridiculous and inherently EVIL that sounds!  Now twist that round, how does it sound when I say that we should be putting people in prison because they are atheist?  If you think that atheist people should be locked up then I am happy and honest to state that you are a hypocrite!

I am so angry when I read stories like these when atheists are being persecuted for believing in reason, common sense and science above religion and superstition.  And lets not make any shortcuts here, this is PERSECUTION!

To the Indonesian government who is committing this travesty and endorsing this evil persecution towards atheism, release Alexander Aan immediately, without harm and without charges.  Furthermore, allow him to keep his job should he wish to continue with that job position and let him and other atheists within your country live free without the threat of persecution, job loss and prison sentence looming over them!

To Alexander Aan, you may not be able to read this or even find this post or my blog.  I do live on the other side of the world but I and the whole atheist community (from what I have read so far) are supporting you 100%.  I am outraged at the treatment you are receiving from religious people who claim to love but really do not know ultimately how to show compassion and understanding.  I am encouraged though to see the strength and courage you ultimately possessed when you chose to write those fateful words on Facebook.  “Allah yoktur!”


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All substance but no style?

I went to the hairdressers today, they did not ruin my length and my fringe is fine, but the way they blow dried and straightened my hair, literally the way they have styled it is just all wrong.  It got me to wondering, the evidence, our reasoning and common sense is concrete against religion and superstition, but is it the way that we are communicating such evidence, reasoning and common sense in the United Kingdom letting us down?

Listening to The Atheist Experience, they usually at least once each show have a religious fundamentalist on the show, and no matter what the hosts say, the fundamentalist still holds on to their superstitious belief.  The way I see it, what the hosts say should be like a chainsaw to their religion and at least start making them questioning such beliefs.  Why is this not happening more often?  Or is it and I am just not tuned in properly?

I am jealous of the American Atheist community.  They have atheist conventions that I could only dream of attending.  What do we need to do in Britain to ensure we have a once a year at least atheist convention of our own?  There is the British Humanist Association but again, here I feel is an example of all substance but no style.  It was only by accident that I found that this association actually existed.  It is not well known when really it should do in its fight for science and reason.  What can we do in Britain to make this Association more known and more prevalent here?

Yes we have the late Hitchens, Dawkins et al but they are in the corners of society here labelled “highly intelligent and non accessible” for the everyday Briton here.  As such, the lack of an atheist voice in everyday, normal society in Britain is really frustrating to me.

How else can we effectively remove religion’s clutches from society?  Is there anything else differently we can do to make our messages and evidence more effective?


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The god-mother/god-father Conundrum

At the moment it just seems like I am having a bombardment of babies being thrown at me, just about EVERYONE is either pregnant or have just given birth!

One thing though that I am pondering is “god-fathers/god-mothers.”  Now I am not saying that one day I would definately be asked upon to be a god-mother.  I do not expect it.  But what if someone did ask me!?  Now I know I would say no, I could not be charged with the spiritual/religious upbringing of a child if somehow the parents die, I am a hard core atheist, but how do you say “no?”  How would I explain my reasons as to why I would say no without it being a throat cutting massacre!?

No I do not want to be a god-mother because I do not believe in God?  Is it that simple?  Could there be a kinder way of saying no?



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10 + 1 Questions For You All!

I have eleven questions that I would like to share with everyone if you do not mind……….

If one of the ten commandments is not to worship any other gods, then why in his supposed wisdom did he not create hard, cold, 100% cannot argue against proof that he does exist?

If one of the ten commandments is not to make any idols, then why in his supposed wisdom did he not reveal to us what he looks like so that we know we are creating a statue of god correctly?

If one of the ten commandments is not to use the god name in vain, then why did he create the vocabulary of vain words that can be used against him?

If one of the ten commandments is to keep the sabbath holy, then why do we have more evidence and proof of the big bang theory rather than the creationism story that dictates that we rest on the seventh day?

If one of the ten commandments is to honour your father and mother, then why does it deny god’s other creations of lesbians and gays (adoption for example), why not it say “honour your two mothers/honour your two fathers?”

If one of the ten commandments is not to kill, then why in his supposed wisdom did he create killers with their reason to kill e.g. psycho illnesses?

If one of the ten commandments are to not worship any other god, then why do we not take it seriously when a person states that this god has spoken to them these days……..why consider them crazies?!

If one of the ten commandments are not to commit adultery, then why did god in his wisdom not create us with some kind of a programme to only be with one person for life….like the Emperor Penguins?! (Yes that is true, they only have one mate, look it up on Google!)

If one of the ten commandments are not to covet someone else’s belongings, then why did god in his wisdom create the emotion jealousy?

If one of the ten commandments are not to steal, then why in his supposed wisdom did he create the condition “Kleptomania!?”

And finally as a whole, with these ten commandments in his mind why did he not create us with the necessary programming so that we could follow these commandments without the “flaws” that ultimately he created us with?  Either this god has set us up to fail from the very beginning or this god was very incompetent when he was supposedly creating the human race!  Either way, it does not look or sound good!


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Religious Schools = Religious Jail Cells

You go to school to open your mind, to learn about the world as it is and as it was with fact, science and reason.  When you send your children to a school that is faith based, you are hijacking that child’s development and learning experience.  Everything that this child learns is learnt but with the stipulation that behind all knowledge, god is there pulling the puppet strings!  What kind of education is this when you are mixing fact with supernatural fiction?  The cold hard fact is then diluted, as the late Christopher Hitchens said, “Religion poisons everything!”

Maybe in my naivety I did not even use the common sense to think that they were in existence, but I have recently found out that they have faith based private schools!  So parents are paying ALL this money for their child to learn the diluted facts about this world.  And the most saddening thing of all, whether private or not, that these diluted facts/diluted education that they will obtain will actually serve them well in their later adult life because everyone else has had this same diluted education.  They will be going through life with god as their handicap – not seeing the world/situations for what it/they really is/are.  Is ignorance really that blissful?

I find it incredible that people are prepared to pay thousands of pounds for their child to have an education that will be tainted by the “god education” that will inevitably run alongside it in a faith based school.  It is better to have an education rather than none at all, but if you are going to invest cold hard cash in your child’s education and ultimately their future, they why handicap them with the “god education.”

When a child is in a faith based school they are never free with the education that they receive because the notion of god is always attached to this style of education.  They are never free to explore education without the notion of god being rammed down their throats.  The school gates are really jail gates, slamming shut every day once all the pupils are accounted for, they cannot escape the god education that is to come.  There is no way out.

And even after the pupils leave these faith based schools, they will never entirely be free, they will always be in some construct of a religious jail cell within their minds because of the brainwashing they have had to undergo enacted by their very own teachers.  With some of the techniques these teacher use (alongside the usual religious figures in the church) I do agree with The Thinking Atheist pondering the question – could this amount to some kind of at least “emotional” child abuse?

Well either way, we know if the next generation coming through the ranks will be free, what it will take to be free, if ever………..

And this comes to my greatest fear about all of this and atheism as a whole……….even though it is better to fight the fight and do your own part in bringing reason, science and common sense to everyone eradicating god in the process, will we ever be able to get rid of religion to the point where that is in the minority and atheism is in the majority?  Will we ever be able to tip the balance of the scales to atheism favour?  I shudder to think that the world is condemned to be in the grip of religion and its falsehoods until the end of time, that is worse than being condemned to their falsified version of hell surely!?

The Thinking Atheist –


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Hallucinating Spirit Guides

Currently I am in the last place anyone ever wants to be, on a stretcher in hospital waiting for the doctors to decide what they want to do with me yet again after another pancreas attack.  So while I am here, I might as well put my time to good use!

I always find it incredulous that when people hallucinate, many consider it to be an act of god.  That god is somehow communicating to them in a less than sober state.  I mention this because today as ever, as soon as I came into hospital, in went the iv morphine and there appeared the usual colours and falling stars around me as I had that dopey morphine doped up smile on my face (better than being in immense pain in comparison!)

It makes me think about the indians for example.  In order for them to discover the “spirit guide” they had to live in exile away from their community, live in the wilderness and get to such a physically ill state to induce the hallucinations needed to discover their “spirit guide” from a communication from a higher being above.  My first question to this is why can’t this higher being/god communicate to us whilst in a sober like state?  Why does it have to be that we have mentally and physically mutilate ourselves before this god speaks to us?  This god does definately LOVE this brand of masochism in his own name no less!

Now I know when I am hallucinating it is because of my brain and its signals – in this case the morphine being the catalyst.  It is not real and it is not a god trying to communicate to me.  Everything that happens in this world is from a physical cause/entity etc.

***Quick update everyone – doctors have decided to let me go home now, so I am packing up and shipping off home!  Woo Hoo!  Till the next time folks!***


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