Reflections and Hopes for 2012

31 Dec

What has the new year got in store for us?

What do I hope the new year will bring?

What do I hope to achieve in the pursuit of promoting atheism based on reason, logic and science?

Well as you know, I started this blog after Christopher Hitchens died. I took part in the Hitch tribute podcast that The Thinking Atheist held in his honour and after speaking out and letting my feelings and thoughts be heard, I decided I might as well follow up my words with actions. In a way, it is my tribute for Hitch, to carry on the torch that he created and held for such a long time.

Now I know that no way will I ever be as prominent and as big as Hitch was, but I want to do my part in the atheist cause, however small that may be (all 5 foot 2 inches of me!). It would be nice if this blog really took off. I have not found such a big and popular UK based atheist blog and I hope I will be able to fit such big shoes. But if I do not, then that does not matter either.

I thought that I was very open about my atheism, that I did not have anything to fear about letting my atheism show, not to strangers, but to people I know. After starting this blog I learnt that I was not as comfortable sharing my atheist views to everyone I knew as I first thought. I thought it was going to be easy, but it has not been. My first blog, well, I was a bag of nerves when it came to publishing it. It has now become easier over time because when it comes down to it, if they are my true friends, then they will accept me for everything I am and the lack of belief I have in religion. If not, well…….. Oh and then when I had my first theist confrontation, I was so scared. Would I make the atheist community proud in my responses? But then as an overview, with this blog, will I make the atheist community proud?

I hope so. I can only imagine achieving the standing that people like The Thinking Atheist and The Atheist Experience has. I can only try to emulate them – never copy them as I am my own person and I have my own style, but apart from Hitch, they are some of my inspirations and I thank them for their hard work in the cause. I am very grateful as a listener and as part of their audience. Without them, would I have had the courage or inspiration to do this blog? I do not think I would have had so much of either to be honest.

Enough with the love fest though, looking forward to the new year ahead, the big 2012, well we have the biggie really – apparently it is going to be the end of the world before the year has ended! There is no difference between some Mayan priest eons ago announcing the end of the world and some wackjob fundamentalist nutcase stating that the end of the world will happen tomorrow, so give him all his money to ensure your salvation! With my money firmly in my purse, I will no doubt see you all on the other side!


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2 responses to “Reflections and Hopes for 2012

  1. DanB

    January 3, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    Hi Stefani,
    I have been an atheist for most of my life. I do not fear what theists I provoke with my views, but by the very same means, I am not sure if we are actually getting it right trying to create another war of ‘belief’s’ between people.
    I heard this quote years ago and it stuck with me…”You can be Right or you can be Happy”
    So I allow myself to see the world that best fits my moral and ethical compass,(which is without religion) and allow others to believe what they will because they have been so heavily programmed and are so fearful of believing anything different you will probably never change them. I honestly pity their fear in themselves and the lack of faith that they create their own lives.
    The only ones we can ‘save’, if you will, are the ones who have awakened that something is not right in their teachings. Those are the people who are not afraid to question the truth given to us by our parents, peers, teachers and governments.

    The knee-jerk reaction is to pounce on them and feed them our new found belief’s. I would like to see more factual approaches and less confrontational ones. The mere fact that these people step up and question is proof to me they sense something is wrong.
    I have always used the quandary that stuck with me in my religious upbringing, If God only created Adam and Eve who had Cain and Able of which one was murdered and the other was banished, Where did the rest of us come from…Incest!
    Or perhaps when I am being judged by a a theist I will ask them, Isn’t judgement someone Else’s job in your religion.
    Anyway I could go on but I have found there is so much contradiction and hypocrisy in the bible(s) it is easy to make them stop and ponder for a moment and perhaps maybe just shine a little light of knowledge into their hearts and make them ask the deeper questions within themselves. It isn’t long before they are watching ZeitGeist and then becoming very angry with themselves for believing the dogma crap they have been fed for so many years.
    The funniest thing I have found is that most Christians have never read their bible version or any others from cover to cover, even though for example, the King James version was only written 400 years ago. Hmmm, “God wrote the bible?!” I don’t think sooooo.
    Have a fantastic day

    • britishfemaleatheist1

      January 5, 2012 at 4:31 pm

      “The mere fact that these people step up and question is proof to me they sense something is wrong.”

      How very true! Thank you for your insightful and wonderful reply. I do hope you reply to many of my posts in the future. It is awesome to learn off of other people!

      Thank you


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