Dating Religious Minefield

29 Dec

So there I am watching tv (as you do at times) and an advert came up advertising  I was so confused, why would anyone be so narrow minded and just look for christians in their pursuit for love?  After further investigation online I quickly came across another one for


Seriously, what is the world coming to when we are actively seeking out others of the same religious denomination as the main desired characteristic!?  It does not matter if you are a rapist, woman beater, murder etc, no, firstly I want/need to find out if you are christian!?

Whatever happened to finding out interests and hobbies of the other person to determine compatibility?  I like swimming, do you?  Perhaps I have got it all wrong, perhaps we should be asking – I like an invisible god that commits genocide and advocates rape and murder, do you?  But wait a minute, the clincher to getting in my pants is which invisible god do you like the best!?

This is promoting segregation and perceived differences between different cultures rather than promoting unity and strength amongst one another regardless of culture or creed.  By promoting simply the perceived  differences, the world will never improve, move forward.  The creation of these websites only serve to exacerbate these perceived differences further.

Now I say “perceived differences” because they are not actually differences, they are perceived through religious goggles or as The Thinking Atheist would say “God Goggles”.  (A link to his website is at the end of this post).   We are all human, we all have the same blood, we just come from different parts of the world.  Mix the potent poison of religion into it all and you have war, death and suffering all in the name of the god they advocate.

These websites, they state that they are about finding love but in the process they are really engaging in the age old war pitting religion against religion but taking it into the 21st Century on the new social playground, the internet.

The Thinking Atheist Link:


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4 responses to “Dating Religious Minefield

  1. Jeff Walker

    January 6, 2012 at 10:32 am

    In my less tolerant days as an Atheist, I also saw this ad, and chose to sign up – using the name Luc Ifer – it was worth it to get the email welcoming Lucifer to christian mingle…. Didn’t get any dates though….

  2. James Queale

    January 3, 2012 at 8:03 pm

    I also noticed this ad on TV. My mother was the same way after she got divorced. A Christian man was a must. After all you must spend eternity with the ones you love or something like that. I agree with you, who the person is should trump religious affiliation. But sadly, we are not fully there as a society and hence the specific dating sites geared towards specific religions.

    • britishfemaleatheist1

      January 5, 2012 at 4:35 pm

      I want a society that transcends religion and the difference between the different types, but I think that we will never 100% get there. As the late Christopher Hitchens has said “Religion poisons everything.” Thank you for your reply.



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