The Yearly Christmas Day Attempted Conversion

26 Dec

So who out there at Christmas dreads the meal times only for the simple reason that your family then tries to make you “see sense/reason?”  Not just me?  Well if not then I am glad I am not alone for having to go through all that!

***The following is based on a conversation about the religion of Roman Catholicism but can also be substituted into most of the Christian denominations as well.***

So what happened this year at the annual Christmas “try to convert Stefania” conversation?!  Well this year it was about death and religion.  Trying to scare me into submission and fear of the unknown they were saying things like, when we die “our spirit/soul” lives on.  We do not die completely, we live in in another entity and we will meet everyone who has passed on again.

The other conversion sayings are the following:
1.  There is too much energy within people for us to simply die and not live on.
2.  You have gone from one extreme (theist) to another (atheist), why can’t you just be on a middle ground!?
3.  Talks about reincarnation to state that we do live on after death through existence of a soul/spirit.
4.  Talks about how people will all of a sudden believe in a past life that they “used to live” and it being historically true.

I firstly stated that religion is based on superstition and contradiction.  It is based on an invisible god.  It advocates to love everyone i.e. The Golden Rule, but then in the Old Testament, it advocates genocide and rape!

I continued to state that there is no proof that a spirit/soul actually exists.  If it did then it would be physical and would thus be physically identifiable within our bodies.  As such, when people talk about spirit/soul, they are really describing the brain and the chemical reactions that happens within the brain that controls the rest of our body and emotions.

I then continued to state that people that all of a sudden think that they live a past life and come up with information that is actually historically true, are actually people subconsciously not realising what they have learnt either on tv, books, internet etc and then attributing it to some kind of past life.  Subconsciously manipulating themselves to believe something to be true personally to themselves.  Something that religion thrives on.

For them to say that I was going from one extreme to another in belief was pretty much a personal insult to me said out of anger when I would not accept their reasoning or beliefs.  Trying to make me believe that it is my fault I do not understand them because I am at a dreaded extreme.  This was very underhand of them to try and twist it psychologically this way but I explained that I believe in Science, reason and logic that shows undeniable proof of the inner workings of the world and beyond.

I agree with the late Christopher Hitchens and my favourite philosopher Jean Paul Sartre………when we die, that is it, we are dead, we are gone, disappeared, no after life, nothing.  The life we have on this world is no prelude to the next.  We should be acting within this world for this world.  To act for our fellow man because it is inheritantly right to do so, not because some religion dictates a set of rules we must abide by.  Therefore we should not be acting towards our guaranteed admittance into another world beyond this one.

Jean Paul Sartre: Humanism and Existentialism – “God is dead, everything is permitted.”

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  1. Jere Mendoca

    January 20, 2012 at 7:32 am

    Pretty great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wished to mention that I’ve really loved browsing your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing for your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!


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