Christmas Eve Rant

24 Dec

So this week, I have been in hospital, went out of hospital, went to work, went home, the usual (apart from finishing off the Christmas Presents acquisition to give to other people)!

When I was in hospital this week under one of my usual pancreas attacks kicking my ass, my mind was full of The Thinking Atheist and his presentation that he did at The FreeOK Convention earlier on this year.  (It is on YouTube and there is a link for you to see this piece of awesomeness at the end of this blog).

Anyways, the reason why I was thinking about this presentation, in it he makes a really good point.  Theists will say:

“Thank you God for your power in curing me and delivering me from the evil that enveloped your glorious creation!”

Wait a minute though……..What about the actual doctors and nurses who have actually done the work, they with their own hands cured them, not this invisible god!  Some theists though will thank the doctors but state that god was guiding their mind and their hands to cure them.  That is a bigger kick in the teeth!  Its saying:

“Well I know you physically cured me but you are just an empty vessel, you really do not know what you are doing even after YEARS of medical training and education because…….(wait for it)…….it was really god that cured me through you!”

Seriously people, I know between an all round might fight between a doctor and god I know which one I would bet on to win!  HINT: I would not bet on the invisible spaghetti monster!

And it goes even further with the theists!  When someone is ill, they pray to god to cure them/guide the empty doctor vessels to do the  dirty work for him/her.  No it cannot be a doctor that would cure an ill person, no it will be god that will physically cure us just through the power of prayer/doing absolutely nothing.

Religion in the past was used to explain to man what was unexplainable.  Now that Science is filling in these gaps of knowledge, how we get sick, causes of illnesses and disabilities, how to cure these maladies, how can people still attribute the answers to some divine invisible being?

Blah blah blah with the whole god is everywhere balls.  I can see a table, a tv, my fella, my dogs aka babies, my christmas tree, but no invisible god let alone the legendary invisible spaghetti monster!  So the moral of the blog today folks, when the doctor helps you with your pain, illness, disability and even as an added bonus cures it, thank the doctor, do not thank god as doing so is hazardous to your mental health.

Link to The Thinking Atheist Presentation at The FreeOK Convention 2011

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